Yoon Eun Hye – Nichkhun and Taecyeon [2PM] in Cass Beer CF

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The new commercial from Cass Beer starring Yoon Eun Hye, Nichkhun, and Taecyeon has been released. This is the extended 60s version of the “music drama” titled Temptation. Enjoy! ———- yooneunhye.net ———-


eun soo kim says:

owwww te adoro noona eun hye..!!!<3..<3

Jen Ko says:

my eyes r for khuntoria only i love yoon eun hye unnie but i love khuntoria more nd i don’t lyk d skinship here. khuntoria nd yoon yoon couple..

Patcharaporn Sananikorm says:

ไม่ว่ายังไง ฉันก็”รักคุณ” นะคะ><

Shoo Rule says:

Yoon Eun Hye<3

Casper Toot says:

kim jong kook

Shahid Salam says:

my have dress on her so far..her back in that dress might just be the thing that make me go lesbian

Nimz312 says:

YOON EUN HYE soooooo beautiful!!! of course people would want to do as this commercial says, they will proudly follow in eun hye’s steps ^.^

pipobigbang says:

Nichkhun ! *0*

lyna pham says:

i like it…

MsTess43 says:

wow…a different character of YEH…

TheVettaify says:


Shemaraba says:

and because asians are alcohol-intolerant..?

Briitandkar says:

ahh ella me encantaa!! grr como coje a mi nichkhun!! jajaja yo aria lo mismo

jwkim5050 says:

I never knew eun hye had the woman in her. I always had the lasting impression from Coffee Prince of her cute and boyish look but this is something new. Very nice 🙂

hollisterluver1308 says:

she is sexy…

hollisterluver1308 says:

Taecyeon is sssoo prettyy

sister77777 says:

taecyeon :D

veggievegetarian says:

AMAZING, simply EXCELLENT! To you all kids who admire this idols they say its ok to drink : ) makes u sexy and cool! And people wonder why so many youngster are out in the streets drunk; Korea has a very high percentage of youth alcoholism, i cant understand why! =.= , it might be cause their idols are out there doing it and looking cool while doing so?

surangrat rueangthiang says:

she’s so beautiful

yokel27 says:

O_O [gulp]

Vit Beo says:

Oh My god!!Why she so sexy!So beauty!Why i love her?

tifa312 says:

wow i wish i could wear her dress….sexy hye…my number 1 fav k-actress

malparida1326 says:

she is pretty!!

Hibz Jwalker says:

TAECYEON…He always looks so Hot and Sexy in commercials and on stage..and when he’s on variety shows hes soooooo cute. always smiling..Awwh i love this guy =)

mikogurl1 says:

I love her. I like her natural looks very much. 🙂

Anmol Basran says:

What is she sayin in the commercial?

HaydeeMary says:

tik tok

HaydeeMary says:

how do u pronounce her name??

mitra32203 says:

face ain’t that great

fantasy946 says:

Shes so prety. LIke for reals

Olivia Zelolo. says:

Beer & Nickhun .. lucky person.

yujung song says:

tik tok-2pm

sherezade chatterley says:

whats the of the song in the comercial????

RahmanGFan says:


shanlaine elaine says:

YOON EUN HYE!!! drop dead gorgeous!!!..perfect body and face..

cityhallful says:

nichkhun super handsome.

onhyunnie kwon says:

she says her complex is that she looks so ordinary.
but woah. she’s like stunning!!

TheJikoma says:

laugh out loud dear

myAllenJGS says:

i hate her… I LOVE HER… omg i want to be her… hahaha

izabeera16 says:

no!!!!  don’t touch Nichkhun like this!!! he is mine !!!!

kwaiiBuu says:

she is the best! I love you Unnie! ^^

Michelle Amberlyn says:

i sometimes get confused between yoon eun hye & park shin hye…
they both look alike

4everwanggui says:


uohecc says:


xDefineRain says:

I’m so addicted to Yoon Eun Hye nowadays <3

MadhatterBreak says:

Too bad this is not a drama. I’d love to check it out, if it was x33

animelover1697 says:

so hwat of yoon eun hye !!

even in pincess hours too !!

anemoniee says:


NguyenBachHung says:

Nichkhun ne cac ban xem thu hay wa’

KatiushaVN4 says:

you idolize her, not love. You fool!

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