Vintage Miller Time Beer Commercial

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1979 Miller Beer commercial


Jacarter99 says:

Samual Adams is ok, try Sierra Nevada

Tacom4ster says:

I spit Miller beer, I drink Samuel Adams

PJSkins26 says:

Why were Beer commercials so awesome between 1975-85?

urbanimpressionism says:

Reminds me of National Lampoons Vacation!

ICETVNetwork says:


Rickat1964 says:

What a grouch…

Rickat1964 says:

@KaiserHudson67, thank you for setting me straight.

KaiserHudson67 says:

You ever even seen snow, Billy Bob? Yeah, tracks can get drifted higher than the damn train up here. Read up on stuff before shooting off your uneducated comments.

davecooks says:

We have a place outside Chama, NM. I remember what a big deal this commercial was back then. The Cumbres & Toltec used to use those old snowblowers (they had two) to clear a short section of track to take people out on short winter rides, they wouldn’t clear the whole line to Antonito. The bar in the commercial is Foster’s which is still there. We knew the bartender in the commercial, she was the actual bartender at Foster’s. I remember she’d get $200 or so each time this played.

JxT1957 says:

yeah he sure is

sinbad799 says:

I don’t know if anyone notices but the black guy who operated the train was Hal Williams, who played Officer Smith (Smitty) on Sanford and Son. Just keep your eye open it takes a split second in the engine and when he sits down with his coworker towards the end.

TheCheezhead15 says:

Don’t you mean Sludge Weiser?

JxT1957 says:

the champagne of bottled beer

Johnnyrod19666 says:

Now your talking!

MervynCruddy says:

Boys, now that we’ve plowed the tracks, let’s go get plowed!

Gossage54 says:

I’ll be damned if that doesn’t sound like Orson Wells narrating this. He was doing the cheap wine ads at this time so at least on this he didn’t have to show his face. I don’t know for sure if it’s him but it sounds exactly like him.

TimelordR says:

It’s Miller Time somewhere in the world!!

rainbowschild says:

Forget about enjoying a smoke with your Miller beer now, it is against the rules of the New World Order Conspiracy.

kjclark1963 says:

The funny thing is, this was filmed on a tourist railroad that operates steam locomotives. I believe they operate these “snow specials” only a couple of times each winter.

Therefore, Miller’s implication that this is “typical railroad work” and they head for a Miller when they’re done is pretty weak. It’s about the same as implying a couple of airline pilots heading to “Miller time” when they’re done flying a plane, except their plane would have to be one built by the Wright Brothers.

0mnib0t says:

Yes, hangover in a bottle….this bud’s for me…and I live in the shadow of the main brewery!

Rickat1964 says:

How did they come up with a job plowing railroad tracks anyway?

tharock220 says:

lol the bartender is wearing a shiny windbreaker, everyone has facial hair, dear God this was a long time ago.

VinylShellacLover says:

Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for finally legalizing home brewing…

goobert3 says:

it’s miller time

mercmarc says:

Would you stand in front of a locomotive with 20 foot spinning blades?

frank d says:

I sure remember these commercials when you have guys working up a sweat and relax with a Miller Beer.

buzzlewie says:

If you got the time we’ve got the beer, Miller Beer.

ThePretzelHead says:

In railroad work back in the 70’s Miller Time and time were the same.

TheRailRoadkid says:

I am a railfan so I respect the D&RGW snow plow, way to young to drink anyways

TomBrooklyn says:

Anyone know if the following Miller Beer commercial is on youtube or anywhere? The one where a sports team in a locker room makes a rookie sing, expecting it be funny; but he sings the Miller song so well they all get real quiet and then give him a lot of respect and acceptance.

elgaspo says:

brought back happy memories of the 70s….thanx for posting, sir!

jamiirali1 says:

excellent observation sir. your keen eye for detail is the mark of a true beer connoissuer.thank you for enlightening some of our younger less experienced beer drinkers on this most serious of matters.


(SkipW) You are correct, sir. Been there, done that. What a beautiful ride.


How weird. I was thinking the same thing. I’ve been on that ride and it’s awesome! Never done it in winter, but I’d love to.

It’s Miller time!

caterpillero says:


renodavid says:

Cause the foam looks cool….of course!

default99telecom says:

So good I got to do it twice.

CreativeCritisizm says:

Anheuser Busch-GM / Coors-Ford / Chrysler-Miller

kwhooligan says:

Hells yeah Bro (moonstomper13) Miller time is just around the corner can’t fuckin wait! WHHHHOOAAA w00t w00t

craig Martin says:

my brother and I have miller time every fri after work. MILLER TIME!!!!!!

MarsPhoenix63 says:

Some random guy on a bus I took sung this for an entire 20 minutes drunkenly. Made my friggin day.

Deloreanfan1981 says:

Its Miller Time!

mikederda says:

I just finished a 355ml 4.7% MGD bottle and now on a Miller High Life 750ml Can 5% enjoy!

mikederda says:


mikederda says:

Budwiser is crap! Oh,yeah!

WorldClassBeverages says:

Miller is not a wheat beer. There’s now wheat involved in brewing it. Corn, yes. Wheat, no.

heidi1946 says:

not the right one – it goes back farther in time – no people or trains, etc. – just scenery and a beautiful male chorus. I’m begining to think I’ll never find it. Thanks for trying.

Harry44Callahan2 says:

…when it’s time to relax…one beer stands clear, beer after beer…Mil-ler tastes to great to hurry through…if you’ve got the time – we’ve got the beer…Miller!

sincityskywalker says:

blue moon belgian wheat ale is better..

WorldClassBeverages says:

Actually, a great deal of Anheuser Busch stock is foreign owned, not American.

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