Old Beer Commercial With Kooky Assertions

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As We Like It documents a reverent history of beer, throughout world history and in 1950’s America. Full of hilariously over the top adult beverage promotion, the film describes beer as a necessity to a healthy economy, community cooperation, and “gracious living.” The movie also exclaims that beer is “Sparkling, golden, pure, refreshing, a beverage as old as history.” After describing the origins of beer, the film explains how the brewing industry functions as a valuable source of tax revenue and jobs for the American economy, providing interesting historical perspective. It then moves to a description of all the different sorts of places people can enjoy “malted beverages,” coming to the conclusion that the best place for ordinary people to hang out is at their neighborhood tavern, where their favorite beer is on tap and the owner contributes to the community through charitable giving. As We Like It is a fun snapshot of beer making, and drinking, history.


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