Top 5 Funny Beer Commercials

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TopComedyVideo presents Top 5 Funny Beer Commercials…


grkpektis says:

Have you ever noticed that no one ever drinks beer in beer commercials

dumnuts1 says:

I’d take the beer over Jennifer any day.

sandyt4343 says:

Those guys in the end make me want to puke

Mycopher says:

yes… yes it was xD

DaBeast19100 says:

1 is too hilarious! Laughing for days!

SaladFingersSpoons says:

lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololololololololo­lololololololololOMG CARROTSTICKS!

jcsc2001 says:

o rly?!?!?!

Trapsixfilms says:

o yes – check also Brugse Garre 1 x belgium best beer video!!!

abhineetgupta3 says:

1 rocks

κατερίνα σαρρή says:

The second commercial is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany Reid says:

I wanna beer bitch!

Pizzaboxes20 says:

What u make bad bets and page with bjs? I like the last one.

bigfly777 says:

#3 happens to me all the time… when i go out drinking with fags ;p

wweguy456 says:


sshhmayisroelhashem1 says:

0:55 that’s Jennifer Aniston in the Heineken commercial right??

Apachaka says:

Probably why it was rated number 1

13SuperKings says:

The one in the 5th best is the best.

Comedysub77 says:

Gooood one!!

APXsniper says:

Commercial 3 should have said…. ” it’s ok to turn down a Miller Lite from a hit chick” er something. Jeeeez.

JDrockerDUDE says:

who the hell would choose two henekin over jeniffer Aniston?! i would have done both ha

HipHop226 says:

#1 Skinny Jeans Miller Light

OwnYouAnyDay247 says:

hahaha last add is aussie

Ward Anderson says:

I’m the guy in Commercial Number 3. I’m also a stand-up comic. You can see my videos here. Search comedian Ward Anderson

choconesquik says:

hi there. That’s a song called “Hace calor” by the Argentinian band “Los Rodriguez”. You can find it here on youtube 🙂

bruxinhaass says:

does anyone of you know where i can find an funny and bizarre british beer commercial? you know that commercial with people in the restaurant, a woman being very shocking, moscitous trasforming in the soap into the frogs and some crazy mad guy with thoses eyes open that also goes crazy when he saws the frogs from the soup? does anyone know that one? please respond to me.

tomdabom713 says:


tomdabom713 says:

number 3…what in gods fucking name and the first one is the best hahaha

antman1276 says:

@meteore1993. Like a meteor right.

jamesrobtonyadams says:

last one’s definitely the best

tomnow92 says:

#4 is known world wide

metero1993 says:

i dont always drink beer…but when i do i beat my wife and kids savagely

durata013 says:

3.29 awsome xD

xthatguy1987 says:

wat is the song for number 2 plzzzz tell me

ashenstarr says:

My teacher showed this to our class…

dONALD Blood says:

ahaha Bierbitch and the bitches with the shoes are my favorite! 😀

Daniel Carr says:

there will never be an ad as good as #1

SWAGNINJA666 says:


rickardheterjag says:

Last one is the best

mrBeeBee00 says:


Jigglybuttcheeks says:

ok smart ass

Estiven Tineo says:

The last one is da best

THEcurtisEbear says:

Love the 3rd and 5th ads

Kelski1998 says:

5 & 1 LMFAO!!!!!!!

GodzxOwn says:

if this is lite beer ill suck bills co-

boss2650 says:

give me a fucking beer bitch!

Garmt Beukema says:

that’s usualy the case…

BookMadTJ says:

I still think the best beer is the Australian Carlton Draught Ad ‘This is a big ad.’

Check that one out. 🙂 Comes up under ‘the big beer ad.’


thoasm25 says:

how about the heineken parody from bavaria?

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