Tiger Beer Ad

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Reincarnation – Tiger Beer Ad


majidqureshi100 says:

fuckin gud man

dogacgs says:

I prefer this ad,
since I watched japanese TV program.

mrjew says:

And to think I’m drinking a Tiger right now. Poor guy…

finalraisingphoenix says:

XD exellent!!!!!!!!!!!

tyab87 says:

Best. Ad. Ever.

converse541 says:

poor thing.

westlifelover92 says:


Akira Pongphimkham says:

ahh my god this is the best commercial ever just cuz i get lol

ViETTGT says:

Ingenious AD.

38Jamie2305 says:

fuckin brilliant, pissed myself laughin, top advert

dirtydodger says:

wow, i dont know about you guys but that sure made me thirsty.

CoolmarkCooner says:

Haha, excellent ad! XD

I wonder how many other dudes are trying to be a human as well o.O

renob0y says:

paw into the plug socket lmao, swet im gna crack open a tiger now

umcumcpolowka says:

rotfl i like it 🙂 very nice

choaxstah says:

What’s up with the bear? Is it a person trying to kill himself to become reincarnated?


wwarthog says:

And it’s a great beer…

lowededwookie says:

That panda just tops off this add.

I couldn’t workout what was going on until the cat then it all clicked.

These guys deserve my beer tasting skills just because of this ad.

Mat Jenkins says:

The panda was another guy reincarnated. He was trying to top himself by jumping off a building so become a man again. This way is so much better.

oilinki3 says:

No. The Panda was in his way to become a man again, so that he would be able to have a drink. This way better.

oilinki3 says:

Whoa Tiger got it this time. Excellent ad.

Muad420 says:

Yeah I was so expecting that.

qazqashire says:

what’s his name xP ??!

Gannondalf says:

LOL nice

cloyd says:

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wakamoley says:

that guy in the white shirt is hot! 😀

cannonball1983 says:

awesome add. loved it to peices

Biermann13 says:

hahaha classic

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