Staten Island Beer Commercial Bridge Beverage Home Of The Beer Cave

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A crazy backyard party comes to a halt when they run out of beer, Guido Paulie goes to Jersey to get beer for the party and gets stuck in traffic trying to get back on the Island. The Geek at the party saves the day because he knows if you need beer stay on Staten Island and go to Bridge Beverage where they have great service, everyday low prices and a beer cave. By the time Guido Paulie gets back to the party its over. He should have went to bridge beverage. Produced And Directed By Charlie B. NYC Arts Cypher


longmage4 says:


anewmaterialism says:

1:01 Dude… Casey Anthony?

Lex Toumbourou says:

This is the single worst experience of my life.

cheezoncrack says:

lol guidos

Anhjje says:

Are you out of beer?

johntheking9898 says:

this video gave me the clap

TehLulz4u says:


L3goMy3ggo says:

wurr outta beeya?!

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