Soda Jerk! Vintage Soda-Pop Fountain Kids Drink Playset – Chocolate Coke, Root Beer Floats!

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Soda Jerk! Vintage Soda Pop Fountain Drinks – Chocolate Coke, Root Beer Floats! – Here is a vintage Trim Molded Products Soda-Pop Fountain Toy Playset. I was gearing up for this video and had a lot of fun finding different drinks to make for you. I could have made a lot more, but I want to hear what you all have to say. IN the video today I make a chocolate coke, a root beer float and a strawberry soda drink.\r
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Soda Jerk! Vintage Soda Pop Fountain Drinks – Chocolate Coke, Root Beer Floats!\r
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Chocolate Coke\r
Coca Cola, chocolate syrup – mix together and drink\r
Root Beer Float – vanilla ice cream, root beer – mix together & drink\r
Strawberry Soda – vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup & seltzer water – mix together & drink\r
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