Red Stripe Hooray Pants!

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If you can’t have their keys, take their pants


nocompromise0 says:

holy crap, look at his face in 0:18-0:21 !! lol

diverguy2583 says:

i remember i was on a red strip kick where thats all i would drink just because of the commercials lol.

dalastdon1432 says:

he’s Jamaican and for the most part, Jamaicans are black. not racist at all. plus he’s an ambassador, not a butler.

cubfan531 says:

Lesson learned: people will give you their pants when intoxicated, but only if you ask nicely.

Booster37 says:

0:10 = Greatest line ever

Phil Fish says:

FYI, he’s not a butler. He’s the Red Stripe Ambassador. It’s formal wear.

93LilJoker says:

 When the fuck did I say I was complaining im just saying thats fucked up funny.The best type of funny.

LDOT171 says:

So he’s a black man. I’m a white man and I wasn’t even thinking he was a black butler. If there was a hint of racism, then fuckin suck it up and quit bitching. He obviously doesn’t care. NEWS FLASH!! LIFE ISN’T FAIR!! Do somethin!

93LilJoker says:

 Ah ok its just cuz he was asking for his keys and his pants so I figured he was a butler.

Lawless66007 says:

He looks more Americanized with that tapered S-Curl LOL.

Lawless66007 says:

He’s not supposed to be a butler, he’s supposed to be an ambassador. 

VegasTech702 says:

that’s awesome!

93LilJoker says:

Hahahaha why did they have a black butler as their spokesperson that’s kinda messed up they might as well have the dude saying please give me your pants but don’t ask me to do anything else cuz im not that kind of slave.

vigo894 says:

Hooray Responsibility. Now, cover up. No one wants to see it. Ha ha.

teengirlsquad01 says:

Best. Commercial. Ever.

Michael Burke says:

simple way to teach responsible drinking. awesome

Hingle McCringleberry says:

haha, the red stripe guy gave the creepiest look when the guy was taking off his pants!

xxcurbyxx13 says:

it works

Tastycakes69 says:

I’m not wearing any pants right now…HOORAY RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!!!

kingston872 says:

love it man love it

sam900000 says:

no shit sherlock

iammtop says:

oh this a good one, i would have n ever thought of that haha

everall23 says:


madisoncoleman says:



krowii says:


notyoursavior78 says:

haha this is my favorite original commericial with the reggae dance one.

MJIR12 says:

i sware who ever comes up with this! genius!

mxc4romano says:

That’s a smart move.

Mark Schmele says:

we need more commercials like this

ohsweetavarice says:

So cute! I love this, one of my favorites ever!

Elreypachuco says:

hahaha… HOORAY RESPONSIBILTY!… hahaha great commercial with a good message.

Adam Moreira says:

Oh lord, this commercial is too damn funny!

LadyAvinash says:

Hurray Responsibility!! So funny…

rainniu says:

Hooray making fools of white people.

Keep on bringing whitey down, brothers.

vitanvalik says:


BlackTexas09 says:

lol haha that was clever and funny…good lil ad

MrMatches says:

Red Stripe is a great lager, my favorite.

jibtheskater says:

lol we did this thing for SRO my freshman year.

Iconhulk says:


randoman500 says:


prominencedefined says:


braro442 says:

Simply funny, yet informative. Brilliant! HORRAY RESPONSIBILITY!

TK572 says:

These commercials are so simple but briliant! I love them! HORRAY BEER!!!

PreacherBoy says:

If you are a girl, I wish to father your children.

I’ve been looking for this for months! THANK YOU!

bigmikeo1 says:

i love these comercials….ur a fine person for puting this up

Queenira says:

XD. Take his Pants

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