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New commercial for Belikin Beer depicting Belizean lifestyle with Belikin, the Beer of Belize. Directors: Funk Brothers Producer: Chelsea Stier Directors of Photography: Chayse Irvin, Dana Morris Camera Assistant: Matt Cabinum, Arturo Rojas Gaffer: David Miller Key Grip: Virgile Dean Jib Operator: Brian Gaetke

Ad for Carling Black Label lager. Carling is property of the Molson Coors Brewing Company

a very odd ad about beer

A commercial for Red Stripe Beer made by advertising geniuses Fluid. They have other great commercials. Check them out! For those tha…

Cannes Lions, Finalist, 2010 Shortlisted for ‘Pokerface” in the Alcoholic Beverages category. Made the top 5% out of 24242 entries. Kinsale Shark Awards, Finalist – Top 4, 2010 For Pokerface – Big Rock Beer Mobius Award, Gold – beverages, 2010 Accolade Competition, Award of Merit , 2010…

In 1957, Peter Kubelka was hired to make a short commercial for Scwechater beer. The beer company undoubtedly thought they were commissioning a film that would help them sell their beers; Kubelka had other ideas. He shot his film with a camera that did not even have a viewer, simply pointing it in the general […]

Unfortunate, Kitzmann did reject this advertisement pitch. Follow Flula Hier // Like Flula Hier // Flula Shop! //