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The Jdunkel Show – Great Lakes / Lake Erie Monster Beer Review & Guinness Beer pour- Episode #1

Click Here For More Craft Beer Reviews Real Ale Guide reviews Carlsberg Jacobsen .The feature was aired Tuesday, 5 February, on the famous Super Duper Tuesday, where the primary election of president candidates was scheduled on every .A look at some tasty Barley Wines / Barleywine : Brewdog Clown King, Brewdog Oskar Blues Shipwrecker Circus, […]

Zombie Dust Clone Beer Tasting – My Beer Story #21

be adapted Beer, Food, and Flavor: A Guide to Tasting, Pairing, and the Culture of Craft Beer click LINK

One beer company wants to pay you to drink beer and explore Belgium for spring break. Buzz60’s Sean Dowling has more.[Read] Epic Beer Dinners is the ultimate celebration of beer and food pairings. A glass of beer alone can be a splendid thing, but when incorporated into your cooking and served alongside the dish, it can be a symphony of flavor. Chefs Brooke and Luther Fedora explain the many ways beer can enrich and enhance […]

More fine film work from the master of bad cinema the one and only, Edward D. Wood Jr. Well some rare old television commercial directed by Ed Wood. (he acts in two of them) – Vic Noir Movie Channel –