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Taken from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The tape is a bit damaged. Commercials include Apple, promos for Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Later with Greg Kinnear, Dunkin Donuts, an Issue 2 political ad, Lube Stop, Midas, another Dunkin Donuts ad, and a WKYC legal ID. All copyrights acknowleged.

Taken from The Nanny. Commercials include Burger King, Welch’s Juice Makers, Tavist Sinus, General Foods International Coffees, promos for Murphy Brown and Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel, an America’s Promise PSA with Lou Holtz, a promo for CBS 19 News at 11, Big Lots, Casper: A Spirited Beginning on VHS, and a CBS 19 News […]

Commercials include Carnation Instant Breakfast, Playtex Eighteen Hour Comfort Flex, Plymouth Voyager, promos for It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Family Matters, and promos for the Gregory Hines Show and Step By Step during The Nanny end credits. All copyrights acknowledged.

What trailers will Hollywood be airing during the commercials for Super Bowl 2011? On game day you’ll see trailers for some of the hottest movies of 2011! Captain America, Super 8, Cowboys and Aliens, Transformers 3, Thor, Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Limitless, Just Go With It, Priest, Battle Los Angeles and Kung Fu […]

Taken from Their Eyes Were Watching God. Commercials include Talbots, Century 21, Woman Thou Art Loosed on DVD, Outback Steakhouse, Pontiac G6, Aetna, and promos for Blind Justice and Jake in Progress. All copyrights acknowledged.

I wrote this beer commercial for Coors Light in 2003. ‘You’re takin’ one for the team, so your buddy can live the dream” Wingmaaaaan! Good times.

Taken from Their Eyes Were Watching God. Commercials include S.C. Johnson, a Partnership for a Drug-Free America PSA, Leap Frog Leap Pad, FedEx, Chevrolet, Domino’s Pizza, H&R Block, and a promo for Grey’s Anatomy. All copyrights acknowledged.