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You’ve met with the client, toured the business, and have pages of notes. Now it’s time to take all that information and conceptualize a great commercial. In this segment we cover creating the concept, choosing a style of advertising, and pitching the idea to the client. Understanding these concepts will help you form a solid […]

A very funny version of the mastercard adverts, not really worth banning in my eyes but a classic all the same.

J10 Futbol entertains all aspects of life. We are able to motivate and influence youth in participating in a healthy lifestyle. We influence them to practice discipline and build character by teaching them new skills and at the same time having fun. J10 Futbol is a soccer developmental program designed for kids that want to […]

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Super Bowl Commercials – Watch the Go Daddy Girls in Action7

Excessively loud TV commercials aired by Canadian broadcasters will be toned down starting Sept. 1, when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission begins enforcing new advertising rules.Powered by Producer : CBC

J.-J. Richard & R. Beer SA: Route de Romanel 7 , 1121 Bremblens, SUISSE Tel: +41-21-8012793 Email: L’ entreprise J.-J. Richard & R. Beer est spécialiste en ferblanterie, couverture, étanchéité et paratonnerre et propose une enveloppe de protection complète pour votre habitation. Morges. Aubonne. Bremblens.

Beer Holzbau AG: Obere Zollgasse 76, 3072 Ostermundigen, SCHWEIZ Tel: +41-31-9342288 Email: Die BEER HOLZBAU AG schafft Wohnumgebung, in der sich Menschen wohl fühlen.Das flexible System des Holzrahmenbaus überzeugt, und die professionelle Projektplanung und Bauleitung garantieren Ihnen stressfreies Bauen.