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: It was carnival time in Kenya over the weekend, with the beer festival commonly known as Oktoberfest celebrations taking center stage at the Impala grounds in Nairobi, Kenya.Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency

Some Palestinians have taken up arms and others attend peace talks in their decades-long struggle, but Nadim Khoury has found a third route to statehood — the brewing of taybeh or “delicious” local beer. The family-run Taybeh Brewing Company has stayed afloat since 1994, despite challenges posed by the Israeli occupation, with the hope of strengthening […]

Funny Videos -Commercials – Budlight – Here are the top 2009 superbowl commercials.

Originally screened leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, I Believe is a good reminder of back home for Aussies overseas. Not that we actually drink Fosters though! Canadians will find this similar to their Molson “I am Canadian” commercials (Fosters owns part of Molson).

Cool Funny Turtle Commercial – Brahma Beer (Brazil)

Sapporo Beer Commercial – Legendary Biru Agency: Dentsu Canada

Slow motion Men in Slow motion At normal speed men look really ugly Men look better in Slow motion It makes me want to sing quite loud na na I WANT A CAARLTON Draught chips and lagagne Who wants my salad? I think I need to take a break and have have a lie down […]

People around the world watch the Super Bowl, even non-football fans. Many enjoy watching the commercials as advertisers go all out with their creative teams to get you to laugh or talk about their tv ad. The Daily Idea decided these commercials may have gone too far, so we’ve created what would happen if Bud […]