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Following an announcement earlier this year, Budwesier is moving forward with a plan to be the first brewing company to produce beer in space. December 4, the company will reportedly launch barley into orbit aboard a SpaceX CRS-13 rocket, kickstarting the research on microgravity brewing. Overall, the Budweiser says its main goal is to eventually […]

OBS Beer Review: Resignation Brewery – KCCO Gold Lager

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I love the commercials for Dos Equis featuring “the most interesting man in the world” and it gave me the idea to create a parody using photos and video of my son Matt.dos equis the most interesting man in world commercial commercials tv radio parody brookwood high school snellville GA georgia state broncos fight fights […]

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Buy A BGN Shirt/Glass Here – Dogfish Head Piercing Pils Dogfish Head Brewing 6% ABV Beer Geek Nation Rating: B A Czech-Style Pilsner brewed with pear juice, pear tea and Saaz hops.

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