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Carlton Draught Ad – Flashdance – Flashbeer…. Very Clever Very Funny… GO THE DIVE N SLIDE!!!

These commercials aired on local ABC affiliate KGO on March 5th, 1983. Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for recording these. 1. Dodge Ram (Awesome animation. The use of “Night On Bald Mountain” in a commercial for pickup trucks is pretty weird though) 2. Miller Lite (With Ben Davidson, who I assume went on to […]

Budweiser “Grab Some Buds” – Great HD Commercial.

Moosehead Light beer – Girls tanning

Hamms Beer Commercial – Vintage Black and White with the Bear floating on a log in THE LAND OF SKY BLUE WATERS. Enjoy. If you have information about this video like voices or actors please leave a comment. Help document for the great archive. Als…

A collection of Coors Light UK Jean Claude Van Damme funny adverts. All rights belongs to or at

Classic TV Commercials Rare Car, Beer & TV Ads 50s-80s Transferred from Film to VHS & DVD

Just about every beer drinker in America is familiar with Pabst Blue Ribbon. The brewery has been around since 1844. After years of decline, Pabst grew sales…