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Shiner Bock Beer Review American Beer 4.25 out of 5I hope you enjoy this great American Beer review. We have some great USA beers lately that we been reviewing. If you enjoy this beer review of Shiner Bock Lager check out our other Beer reviews on our website.

As per the title, a collection of beer adverts from the 1970s and 80s. I wouldn’t say any of them have much merit, being mainly witless and/or sexist – the H…

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An Australian lab is working on developing a beer that won’t dehydrate you, meaning no hangover. In fact researchers say the brew will be able to hydrate a consumer, by adding electrolytes. Several adjustments are needed before the beer will be available for purchase, but we’ll be waiting. For now Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) says stick […]

Beer Pong is a serious sport in many different regions of the world. You can learn specific rules here: to accompany the video, which discusses gameplay and the status of the sport. This includes Beer Pong championships, where prize money for the winning team can be up to $50,000.

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People in Turkey are choosing to brew their own alcoholic beverages to avoid high prices in pubs and clubs. Bar owners say high taxation is killing their business and accuse the government of having religious motives.To find out more go to: