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Canny Brit foxes German sunbed snatchers at the pool. TV ad from 1993. Dambusters theme

This is a pretty good beer two thumbs up. The website is

Budweiser made this video exclusively for the web as part of their viral marketing campaign. Big time marketing firms understand the power of the web and are quickly jumping on board. If you have any doubts, then simply perform a web search on: “This Porn’s for You: Budweiser’s Racy Web Ad” OR click on the […]


Congress starts thinking about tracking asteroids, a boy gets an inexpensive prosthetic hand thanks to 3D printing, Google Takeout adds new services to backup, and an arcade machine that pours the winner a beer!

Featuring the song, ‘Suit & Tie,’ by Justin Timberlake. Bud Light Platinum presents Justin Timberlake in this stylish, black-and-white video, filmed from a fan’s perspective. This commercial debuts during the 2013 Grammy Awards. For more information, visit

New Carling Belong ad in the UK. Wicked! Makes me want to reach for a pint of carling….belong!

Gregs Beer Reviews T Shirts 2013 Small through XL is 15.00 plus 5.00 shipping 2XL is 16.00 plus 5.00 Shipping 3XL is 17.00 plus 5.00 Shipping Cash, Checks, Money Order, and Paypal if sending cash, have me sign for the letter. the address is Greg Puckett 2865 Silverleaf Drive Salem, Va. 24153 Paypal email is […]

Carlton Draught Ad – Flashdance – Flashbeer…. Very Clever Very Funny… GO THE DIVE N SLIDE!!!

This is our Super Bowl Commercial for “Queer Beer.” Facebook- Twitter- BriaAndChrissy PO Box 15394 Atlanta, GA 30333