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Get vintage TV commercials on DVD: The Ballantine Beer Company’s stop-motion commercial for “Ballantine Ale – with Brew…

This has to be one of the coolest Budweiser ads from the 70s. It aired in November 1970 and is quite possibly the first commercial to feature the famous “When You Say Bud” jingle. It features a colorful array of early 1970s fashions and familiar characters. You can see another example of this jingle I […]

“The Switch” provides viewers with a closer look at how a beer can turn a night from “lifeless to legendary”. “We are thrilled to deepen our credentials message with this commercial that for the first time in the US puts our Star Serve ritual in the spotlight,” said Olga Osminkina, senior brand director for Heineken […]

Hamms bear singing From the land of sky blue waters…comes the beer refreshing, hamms the beer refreshing. Hamms After a lot of hard work, the Hamms starry night screensaver is now available at

1 of 10 argentinians is gay – funny beer ad please subscribe, rate and comment. thank you!

A Bud Light commercial for Super Bowl XLVII. A young man will do whatever’s necessary to help his team win the Super Bowl. But is he the only one who’s taken a dark journey to the Mojo man? Learn more at:

Reincarnation – Tiger Beer Ad

A 1982 TV commercial for Lite Beer from Miller featuring THE FIRST LITE BEER BOWLING TOURNAMENT featuring many familiar celebrity faces, including John Madden, Bubba Smith, and Rodney Dangerfield.