Original Budweiser Frogs Commercial

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Original Budweiser Frogs Commercial

  • sha11235

    Those frogs must love that beer.

  • JFactor44

    I remember this as a kid in the 90’s and when everyone use to drink budweiser!

  • Adam Curry

    Best. Commercial. Ever. Now we have to deal with the fucking shit ad agencies that make garbage like the iphone and Geico ads. I miss the days when TV ads didn’t suck a truckload of dicks.

  • Kay82Schmidt

    not as cute as i remembered, but thanks for posting!

  • rano pano

    i remember watching this growing up in the 90s!!! dammm takes me back

  • ny1971lms

    Bring them back, along with Louie the Lizard.

  • sgpnc

    Homage a Rainier

  • TheJboy88

    Why can’t modern adverts be this entertaining?

  • supersmavethewave

    2013 reunion?

  • TooBigToHide


  • Feedersuper


  • Monica Garcia

    I love this commercial lol

  • atomica168

    sale dropped 2%

  • bizong

    Actually the Egyptians drank beer long before budweiser. @Adol666 your comment is laughable. Why is everything about sheeple and wolves nowadays? The Egyptians used it to keep their slaves working and fed (on account of the barley and yeast) bro you need to hit up wikipedia. If this is brain washing ill take a bud to wash my brain down any day. At least it’s not cigarettes. Now thats for sheeple. Relax have a beer bro. Your satanic username doesn’t impress anyone.

  • Adol666

    When you produce beer thats 49% rice you need slick marketing videos like this to brain wash the sheeple into thinking you make good beer.

  • paulinasugar

    Ingenious lol

  • dymonsatl

    I was in middle school when this commercial came out. So every time we had a substitute teacher or the teacher would leave the room, the class would divide its self and we’d do this to bother the teacher.. Wow, life was great then… So much fun..

  • masterDevis

    whatever happened to the ad where they all had their tongues stuck to a can of Budweiser, while shivering in a freezer? or was that the chameleons? “bu-u-u-u-ud” “wei-i-i-i-s” “u-u-u-r-r-r-r” lol! that was funny!

  • MrGrayfox16

    Mind = blown

  • Kurt Stream

    Budweiser ripped this idea of from a Rainier beer comerical that came out close to 20 years before this one. find the video on you tube. Shame on you and your crappy beer, Budweiser.

  • TheJboy88

    I don’t drink, but these guys were still a big part of my nostalgic life.

    I’d probably cite this and the sequel commercials as the best things TV made in this era.

  • Ariel2617

    thumbs up if your watching this in 2012

  • fryelee11


  • ilovetogofast88

    Who cares! I just like the ad

  • tophersix

    @SuperNigel666 August Busch IV spearheaded the widely popular ‘talking frogs’ advert campaign for Bud and the successful ‘I Love You Man’ advert camp for Bud Lite, both of which were credited with lifting sales. In ’97, 2 years after the irreverent, youth-oriented advert campaigns were launched, annual worldwide beer vol eclipsed 100 million barrels for the first time, as Bud sales moved measurably upward.
    fundinguniverse com/company-histories/AnheuserBusch-Companies-Inc-company-Historyhtml

  • tophersix

    Have to respectfully disagree with you on the advert being a flop. B4 ’95 when these came out, Bud was losing sales. Bud was becoming “my dads beer” and these adverts turned that image around (21 to 27 crowd, some say younger, but thats another story). This worked with the demographic and sales turned around with a new younger branding image (merch sales up 50%). 3rd where other adverts fail is there was no doubt what the frogs were selling, cant say that for tons of other ads.

  • Nigel Spence

    The sales of Budweiser never increased, the advert was actually a flop!!!

  • Larry Craig Jr.

    Oh yeah!!!

    My gay friends sodomized each others’ fuckholes and tied up all their penises so they could compress the semen, and they stuck budweizer bottles up their highly orgasmic buttholes since it is just pleasurable to get the bottle thrst effect. We squirted diarrhea into the beer bottles, that we even played a prank by taking the bottles to bottle return at a grocery store.

    I bet Larry Craig could thrust his semen up a beer bottle in an airport bathroom.

  • orlando8668

    fucking awesome

  • tophersix

    Excellent commercial. Launched a series of highly memorable commercials that I’m sure sold a lot of beer. It’s been a while since they have been retired, its time they make a cameo ad.

  • Lionel4482

    friggin subliminal messaging!!! I love this commercial

  • southpawoutlaw1990

    best advert ever

  • 69trust96

    I loved this advert, bring it back!

  • WallyChapman

    Did anyone notice that after the frogs put the word together for the first time someone says “cool”? Subliminal advertising at it’s finest.

  • audiosport2


  • JuicyJandTrey

    Oh my god!!!! I love this commercial

  • JoshuaDDales

    I guesse puppets really do give things so much more appeal.

  • GanjaKahn42O

    this does make me want budweiser pretty bad

  • aj71792

    I miss this commercial

  • sandmd94

    A bit of trivia: This was directed by Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. (1, 2, 3.)

  • jdlund

    @madnessyoucanhum, no way, the lizards were fine. They had to add something, the frogs by themselves were fun for a little bit but they got real borring.

  • Enrique Osorio

    Was it really the 90’s? Im so old.

  • don417

    every ad campaign runs it’s course. Spuds Mckenzie got old too.

  • 19mjohns91

    Its these sort of commercials that made it attractive for me to binge drink at age 14 ftw

  • Abigail Staub

    Thumbs up if Los Campesinos! brought you here 🙂

  • darkmansam

    ROTFL how 35 people DISLIKE this video…either they just don’t get it, or have 0 sense of humor…haha….wow, to think they actually took the time to get mad, then click the Thumbs down button after seeing this just makes me laugh….GREAT COMMERCIAL…I LOVE IT… always will!

  • kirbyyasha

    I stopped drinking Budweiser after they killed the frogs off. Bring the Frogs back!

  • AllieRX87

    No! The lizard that sounds like George Castanza from Seinfeld.

  • madnessyoucanhum

    @AllieRX87 You’re right. Those damn lizards screwed everything up. They should of killed them off instead and kept the frogs. Don’t know a good thing until it hits them in the face??? Bad move Budweiser, bad move indeed.

  • dictionarytables

    Oh my God!! I remember this!!!!!!