Mr. Beer Goes Horribly Wrong

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Mike you had me at coconutited.

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Similar to Mike I found one of these kits at a thrift store for 3 bucks, all the stuff intact, box sealed and all! Guess some fella or fellaette didn’t appreciate their Christmas gift, “Oh my honey a Mr. Beer, thanks I love it!”.¬† Anyways, I brewed it and I gotta say it’s aaaaight. It came with a West Coast something Ale. Too bad I threw away the can in the excitement of it all, or else I’d tell you for sure.

The Mr. Beer kit makes a great gift for any occasion, and if your loved one gets rid of it first chance, some guy like me will definitely love it more.

You already have one you say? Then visit for a bunch of of brewing with the Mr. Beer Kit.



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