Miller Lite Commercial with Bob Uecker

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AMCmachine says:

The one I remember best was with Uecker getting moved around at a ball game and finally exclaiming “Must be in the FRONT row!!”

David Abbruzzi says:

Scott Bakula and Bob Uecker starting in this Miller Lite ad. Both of them started in the movie Major League 3: Back to the Minors after all these years later. I have to say is that is strange, but true!

JasonL77 says:

Strange coinsidence. I’m watching a Quantim Leap rerun right now.

William Van der Brempt says:

Youtube adventure!!! 

Dan Gniadek says:

It is!

krogdog says:

This is about the 12th one of these commercials I’ve watched now and I gotta say…they’re pretty funny! I wish they’d bring back this vintage style in advertising.

LPcustom76 says:

what the hell happened at the end?

David Abbruzzi says:

Does anyone has themiller lite ad where Bob sitting up there in the cheap seat! Ypu know the one he said I must in the front row! I would love see that ad if anyone has it. Pleasse let me know!

David Abbruzzi says:

Bob: I guess you were “just a bit outside” in the ad!

MrFilmMakerNumber2 says:

i must be in the front row- Bob Uecker

elithecat says:

Good eyes. It looks like him and he did other commercials of that era. I’ll add it to the keywords

Rick Bonagofsky says:

The guy walking by Uecker outside at 0:04 is Scott Bakula.

Rick Bonagofsky says:

The guy walking by Uecker outside at 0:04 is Scott Bakula

TomatoeAssassin says:

I miss these commercials. They were always funny.

dmtdmt1969 says:


DC322 says:

Get well Ueck.

elithecat says:

Great info. I will add it to the keywords.

nwgrede says:

Get up. Get up. Get outta here. GONE!!!!

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