Miller Lite, 1982 09 16, First Lite Beer Bowling Tournament

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  • Kelski1998

    Miller did have the best beer commercials back in the day!

  • TSconspiracy

    Gotta love Rodney…

  • menard98

    great commercial, got me to drink ML.

  • rarapete

    All we need is 1 pin rodney!!!!!!

  • mortensen1961

    Sorry to say, Big Ben died the 2nd of July. . .

  • mulehead126

    Lots of recognizable faces, but at 0:18 that’s Boog Powell who is turning around a baseball umpire, Jim Honochick.

  • WatchVenusSpa

    Greatest. Beer commercial. Ever.

  • dougrockstead

    Ben Davidson just passed on. One less person around.

  • PJSkins26

    I know for certain that Ben Davidson, Deacon Jones, Bob Uecker (Not Seen in this commercial), John Madden, and Dick Butkus are all still alive.

  • CandysCrazyWorld

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  • Furball2k

    It’s sad to think how many of these people are now dead?!?!

  • dfo132

    I think you mean Steve Mizerak. Also, Boom Boom Geoffrion (ex-Montreal Canadiens) on the yellow team.

  • syntonik

    Dunno. You’d think he’d be happy with ending in a tie. They didn’t lose! 🙂

  • austinsaxmansteve

    Great commercials, lousy beer.

  • Sandra Ryan

    “8 ball in the pocket.”

    “Hey Bubba, this ball doesn’t have any holes in it.”
    *CRUNCH!* “Now it does.” 🙂

  • PJSkins26

    Ben Davidson w/ the badass beard!

  • Davan Mani

    @softshoes. Tom Heinsohn.

  • crazyt286

    Ray Nitschke in the red shirt, bald head with glasses.

  • darkchild00

    I love :29 Big Bubba put holes in the bowling ball.

  • biggswede

    why is the yellow team upset with rodney at the end?

  • softshoes

    offhand I caught these faces: Rodney(of course), Bubba Smith, Butkus, Ben Davison, Billy Martin, Red Aeurback?, Don Carter, Tommy Hendrick(umpire), Deacon Jones, Madden, Boog Powell, Tug McGraw, Steve Mazeroski.

  • lsmftymf

    The ultimate challenge - guess as many celebrities in this commercial as you can.

  • AJoeSmith

    R.I.P. Bubba Smith!

  • ICESTORM5150

    THE BEST!!!!!!!!