Leon Redbone – Budweiser commercial – Long version

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Leon Redbone – Budweiser commercial

  • roscoegino

    Didn’t know he was a Canadian Armenian. That’s America fo ya

  • theflatlander123

    Hes in the kayak commercial too

  • rlb2k1

    Still liking this commercial. That’s The Bone!

  • MerchManDan

    That was completely surreal, and I like it.

  • ohjtbehaaave

    Love Leon… hate Bud.

  • xeiroe

    I totally forgot about this until I saw this link from the “Frosty The Snowman” video!

  • crazytempest

    Leon Redbone is Canadian so he should do a Kokanee commercial

  • newalm

    I remember this commercial. As I recall, it was from the early 1980’s.

  • doctorw2

    oh yeah it makes for a great insect repellent.

  • cochranexyz

    It’s gotta be good for something.

  • dannyd1572

    Wow! I had completely forgotten abou this spot. Must have been mid 80’s?

  • doctorw2

    excellent commercial for a beer that tastes like paint thinner.

  • The1truesushiboy


  • youtootube99

    Hate Budweiser. Cheapest made beer on the planet. Budweiser drinkers create the most litter too (if your not a litter bug no need to respond-not all bud drinkers are litter bugs- just most of them), but I do LOVE Leon Redredbone.

  • fairportfan2

    60-second spots are/were sometimes made (as this one was) so that they could be split up into/cut sown to :30s or :20s…

  • dnworks

    I got this in the ’90’s when I lived in Washington DC. A friend worked for a firm that lobbied for the beer and wine industry. He got a copy of the master on VHS from one of his contacts in Anheiser-Busch marketing department.

  • DarkGalleryFilms

    Until you posted this up, I had never seen the long version. I do know thru some ad agencies that you can buy memberships, most of the older 30 second ads always had a 60 second counterpart on Budweiser. This did not hold true for Bud Light. It’s good quality too. STARS: ♦♦♦♦♦

  • snorkelbda03

    a little “te na na “ going on there 🙂