Hilarious: Top 5 funny beer commercials

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funnycommercialsblog.com The 5 funniest beer commercials ever. Check them out.

  • bloominglove27

    1:15 “We’re gonna suck some dick!”

  • DylanGP21

    Socialist Beer Commercial.mov  … search it in youtube its hilarious!!!

  • Pizzaboxes20


  • royalflipskater

    dude how is it? cold and refreshing wow.. that fucking hurt

  • ignaciofulle49

    I want this video on my CMD J70 unit.

  • mark28105

    We’re gonna go down there, and we’re gonna fuck some ass. We’re gonna fuck some tits. We’re gonna shit. We’re gonna suck some cock.

  • mark28105

    I am so proud of you mother fucking cock suckers. Hear hear..Asshole.LOL.

  • kingyn

    the last one was priceless

  • JBizzy215

    Who else would love to work at that office?

  • hommedesports

    “like a case of budlight or something…” “fucking awesome -_-” Like the way he says it !! haha

  • EriK8520

    Last one was good, but it’s not beer commercial, lol..

  • lovingyou765

    so aah what can your dog do? lolol

  • dagreatken18

    240p we fucking meet again 

  • FadoDeo4444

    The last one was not a beer commercial.. it was a Russian insurance commercial. -_-

  • ibnul7

    i bet the guy who said “ass hole” got fired 😀

  • freddycom70

    sooo funny the best was number 3
    freddy from mexico

  • ShIFtT3RM


  • formage7


  • belugafishgod

    Yes. I was in a fraternity once.

  • formage7

    and you know what stale goat piss tastes like?

  • belugafishgod

    Keystone tastes like stale goatpiss.

  • Krokodilizm

    Last one was a Russian insurance commercial

  • hahahaost

    lol never said anything about the pool dude!!!!

  • deruderubotze

    Burguess, Bud light! hahahahahahahahahahahahhaa… swear jar was funny as hell… I’ve had similar experience in elementary school where we can’t speak our own language in english class, but we should of adopted incentive system for the kids, at least you get a beer at the end for adults, a lollipol or snake candy will be awesome for kids 🙂

  • rfoster1229

    Loved it.

  • paydaylotto649

    All pussy beers drink a real one Molson Canadian

  • idadrian

    LMAO, I think swear jars are the best of ideas!

  • MyNameBirthYear

    What about the Carlton draught Flashdance one? And ‘Its a Big Ad’?
    Freaking hysterical!

  • tannedNgreen

    Will the owner of a white station wagon please go f**k yourself?

  • nelsonzepeda666

    hahaha cold and refreshing hhaha funniest one!! face plant!

  • drd19971

    “Burguess, Bud Light.” *Man screams* “Bad dog”

  • eco1860

    @ tristanauspride lol, as apposed to the mild mannered polite language aussies that is us?

  • kevster2717

    the last one is one of the best ways to get beaten in an arm wrestle! (vs. a hot girl of course!)

  • MissLaughALot9799

    Piper is so cute! =D when he’s running back lol

  • MissLaughALot9799

    lmao I know! Leave it to us girls to play dirty xP

  • opendtuning

    now i know the reason why so many people use vulgar language on youtube!!!

  • superkimmy98

    lolz the last one!!!

  • 305abnormal

    this is exactly why i hate ppl with bluetoo

  • hepalopala

    i’ve seen better.

  • TheBombersFan

    Hahaha i totally love the swearing one

  • MurphyMonster

    how bout real men of genious

  • tristanauspride

    americans are so obsessed with swearing…why? lol…just because they cant do it on the air…lame

  • bulbastre


  • curf20

    beer is beer;ur just a pussy

  • MichaelJackson9091

    the one with the pool was good

  • Atma01

    what did that guy say at 1:20 ? So funny,.

  • Tikibot23

    “Fuck you bob” “ha fuck you Jim” so funny

  • ojibwenation715

    “ahh poop”..”doesn’t count” “shut the fuck up!” lol

  • ViceVegaVishop

    last one wasnt funny. second one takes the W

  • fire444blade

    last one was da best