[HD] Budweiser “Grab Some Buds” – Great HD Commercial

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Budweiser “Grab Some Buds” – Great HD Commercial.


dodgerblue2299 says:

Do none of you get this (Grab some Buds) Hello!

irishhellsangel says:

hate this fuckin ad

clubbythe says:

Song is called you, me dancing by Los Campensinos. Sorry if i spelt it wrong

impact6613 says:

whats the song really called and by who?

WhereEaglesDare117 says:

It’s summer boys, Thank God. Let’s go to the park.

jimmyjamiswhoiam says:


W0LBA says:

i wanna bevvy!

PdippProductions says:

I wish Budweiser would bring this type of commercial back, I love the baseball part especially cause it shows my favorite team the Cubs and Wrigley Field. I also love the song in this commercial, one time I had this entire commercial stuck in my head during school. BUDWEISER PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

Zeepee1234 says:

its too short!!!

runthruthewoods says:

this is airing in Australia and I am from the states so even if I don’t drink Budweiser, it makes me feel proud to be American. BTW, I love COORS but now I drink Carlton Cold or Tooheys extra dry. Thanks for the upload 🙂

Colmkeating15 says:

Whats the song in this ad?

MillionairJoe says:

this is the best advert to date.

GarrettM221 says:

Sometimes you feel down… Then you see this.
Makes a man feel a whole lot better!

flowstyless says:

yhea anyone could put their ad here.. too many people buy into products cuz of commercials.. budweiner is evil.
stay the f*ck out of politics !!

N10Nico says:

ADIDAS IS ALL IN… Exactly the same commercial

Tom Anderson says:

they played at our uni freshers week and i missed it 🙁

amslogic says:

Awful beer

Frazzle86 says:

Pish beer, excellent advert.

GWCwarfare says:

is noone else making a weed joke?

Gabriel Horcajada says:

Me encanta este spot! Me gusta mucho más que los de Estrella Damm. Y la banda sonora genial también. Cada vez que veo este spot me apetece una Budweiser. Joder, lo que daría ahora por una bien fresquita…

PajamaGaming says:

Los Campesinos- “You, Me, Dancing”

PajamaGaming says:

who does the song

Brian Schwartze says:

great song and commercial! AB always does a pretty good job with advertisements… but does the scene at 0:24 seem a little off or forced to anyone else?

DaBomber60 says:

LC! for the win!

Mark Harold says:

one of my favorite adverts. period.

funkyyjammy says:

what ever the day is, how ever horible my work is, just spending this minute watching this actually makes my whole day, just love this!

Chris Pezzetta says:

thanks for the song ppost

TheMaskedLemur says:

song is you! me! dancing! by los campesinos. great song and great band, matched with a great drink and sport

Chris Brooks says:

Anyone know what the song is?

Bevi McD says:

Oh heck yes, I am ready for some BASEBALL…….. 🙂

Trey Sterud says:


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