Hamms Beer Commercial – Vintage Black and White

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Hamms Beer Commercial – Vintage Black and White with the Bear floating on a log in THE LAND OF SKY BLUE WATERS. Enjoy.


anchovysardine says:

Didn’t know it was still around. I figured a beer named after a cut of pork wouldn’t sell.

TlalocW says:

Every now and then on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (most of the cast were from Minnesota and Wisconsin), they would sing this as a riff. Never got it. Then today I saw a list called, “You know you’re from Wisconsin if…” One of them was you sing this whenever you see the moon reflected on the surface of a lake. Finally decided to look it up. Glad I did. Cute little slice of Americana.

AnimaSola3o4 says:

Of course I could be. But why would I choose to make something up about something like this and not something way cooler? There’s no way to prove anything anyone says on the internet lmao. But anyway, RIP Grandpa G, I miss you and Grandma and Dad!!

gagesmiles says:

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AgainstAllOdds09 says:

You could just be making that up and no one would ever know.

TightenUpNoSlack says:

From Minnesota, moved to Texas in 1985. My dad traveled over 4000 miles this summer (2012) and made sure he brought a 30 pack of Hamm’s to me (Lewisville, TX). Might be the only Hamm’s beer in Texas.

beavsinator says:

Whenever i need a beer i ask for a slice of Hamm

fied1k says:

Maybe the ad guy who came up with this was Jon Hamms or sumpthin… tsss

hammbone316 says:

The only thing that sucks abot all of this is I love my family name beer so where are my perks at miller. It was my great family name and relation that made it what it is.

jbranstetter04 says:

That’s where I live—in the land of sky blue waters! Should I be drinking Hamm’s beer?

Tannertjass says:

This commercial really does make you want a beer…. mmmmmmm Hamm’s

stephenunzueta says:

This is my all-time favorite commercial period. Thanks for posting.

spcarlson says:

I grew up hearing that commercial during Minnesota Twins Baseball games, wonderful memories!

coolanddark says:

my all time favorite beer. And thats because I liked these commercials as a kid. its hard to find Hamms beer now. Rite aid still sells it. great video!

mrsuzieqpug says:

AAAHHH yes..I agree with the previous comment…Those lazy saturday afternoons.. if not playing Ball..ya know…. that outside game we used to do….Dad , Unk, Cousins and we loved the Hamms commericials….You know before the Days of all the warnings and eveything that was bad for you…Come to think about it ,,my Dads generation is the Greatest Generation ever….Thanks for the Memories!!

deja2056 says:

white man speak with forked tongue

mxylpx says:

Wonderful animation and check out the opening and closing…beautifully done landscape created for a “beer” commercial. We kids were lucky when we had adults creating art for us back then…now we have people with little sophistication and imagination who don’t read and just text.

AnimaSola3o4 says:

This is so surreal to me, my grandpa wrote the jingle for this commercial. It’s brought up every so often in the family. I actually didn’t know the jingle till after he died and realized it was his claim to fame. Awesome.

hanknell says:

I loved that logging bear when I was a kid. Back in the middle 1960’s in Detroit, my dad worked afternoons, and when he got home, he’d watch TV with me on Friday nights; and when the sports came on the news, it was always sponsored by Hamm’s Beer.

dstruck0622 says:

I’m drinking a Hamm’s…while watching a Hamm’s commercial.

cynsha says:

Hamms beer originated in St. Paul, Minnesota.

brianallancobb says:

Amazing what long attention spans we had back then. I realize that informercials now run a half-hour or more, but back when this commercial aired, most commercials ran a minute (or longer — as is the case here), rather than the 15 seconds or less common now. And yes, the jingle is to die for. The beer’s not bad, either, or at least it wasn’t back in the 80s when we did a blind taste test and Hamms won. Gorgeous black and white photography…

7754349200 says:

I rember seeing these at ten years old in 1958 at home in North Dakota, strange using cartoons to sell beer, loved them.


MrSolidtiger says:

Just finished off a Hamm’s just now. Still is refreshing, but brewed in Milwaukee.

lumpfish54 says:

Reviving the old memories! I always wanted to live in the Land of Sky Blue Waters!!

skitch88 says:

i like old commercials, cos they get to the point.

rush1er says:

Holy shit am I thirsty now!

rgarcia77 says:

OMG! Ditto on everything you posted. You must have lived next door to me…

wjrasmussen666 says:

I am bringing a 12 pack of Hamm’s to a bears/packers game party on Sunday.

12Daniel7 says:

Sitting with grandpa in Williamsburg Iowa, shelling peanuts, watching Friday Night at the Fights sponsored by Gillette and Hamms, 1961 Emile Griffith vs Benny ” the kid ” Paret. Whoa; what great times. From the Land of Sky Blue Waters. Schmidts beer was also very popular, their claim to fame is that on their cans they had wildlife pictures. Schmidts the brew that grew with the great northwest.

theresabaeza says:

My Dad drank Hamm’s and as a kid I always loved watching the dancing bear. So many great memories from the 50’s and 60’s. Wampum corn chips and Mother’s Pride soda for a treat on the weekend. Laughing at Jackie Gleason and of course watching wrestling and hearing Dick Lane shout “WHOA NELLIE”. Thanks for posting this.

gotindrachenhart says:

OMG I remember this from back in the day and I’m only 38!! But, down in the hills of south central Missouri, it was still a popular brand. One thing I DO miss is the pull top. Though, I do admit to having had one get stuck in my foot more than once…..but still, it was just SUCH a better design than the poptop IMO.

neshobanakni says:

Wow! My childhood – Cubs on channel nine (Sox on UHF) and Blackhawks! These commercials really stay with you.

tossablesalad says:

filmed on the Jurassic park ride at universal studio’s

Scott Alverson says:

Not strange at all

Nancy Lake says:

I danced to this as a toddler. Born in 52 bored with tv show until the Hamms commercial came on then I would jump up and dance. Made my day…

My guess is lots of us little ones enjoyed this. Nancy

BLP1261 says:

Hamm’s is still around,it’s now made by MillerCoors.

Tigermoon1950 says:

I miss all our old characters and icons. Like the Minnegasco Indian girl (I know, not PC), Reddy Kilowatt, the Northwestern Bank Weather Ball, Ewald Bros. cow (3-D billboards) and many more national ones…

zoogie778 says:

How is the big bear just floating in the air at the beginning? Also, the duck’s voice is angelic.

billemack says:

soo awesome.. this is my Great Grandfather’s company - I don’t remember him, but i do remember the Hamms house and brewery.

rarobins17 says:

I grew up hearing this jingle when I was a toddler, too on WGN. I could not remember the words, but I remember the theme of the song and the cartoon of it, thinking it was talking about meat ( I like eating meat when I was very young). I think it was 1978-79 and back then I was about 5 yrs old. WOW…nostalgia!

Elmore3141 says:

I remember these commercials from Minnesota Twins games on TV. Good memories.

Hikikomori013 says:

“From the land of lake and pine, cool enchantment and the beer refreshing.”
At least that was the run in the ’70’s. It probably evolved over time, but the existing prints have fairly poor audio now.

5277088 says:

Thanks! Again, very creative. N.B. that ad agencies wouldn’t assume anywhere near that level of literacy among today’s beer drinkers. #idiocracy

xtalmpls says:

From the land of pines, lofty balsams

frogger74 says:

Saturday morning cartoons were so much better back in the day.

doctortabby says:

Great piece of nostalgia. Thanks for posting. I acually had some Hamm’s beer a few years ago and it’s really not bad at all.

KurtBuschRules2 says:

This here is my family’s beer!

killer1177 says:

Man the tune really grows on you.

jkhalsa says:

I used this commercial to illustrate :”beating internal 16th notes” to my music student. I was thumping my chest during her voice lesson, and the theme “From the Land of Sky Blue Waters” welled up in me. She died laughing. She’s hardly old enough to remember these commercials. I’ll be she’ll never forget the concept now!

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