Eskilstuna Anders Dubbel IPA | Eskilstuna Ölkultur Brewery | Swedish Craft Beer Review

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Real Ale Guide reviews Eskilstuna Anders Dubbel IPA from the Eskilstuna Ölkultur Brewery , Swedish Craft Beer Review…

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Exposfan4ever says:

It was very good. Just not as good as fresh on cask

realaleguide says:

I am from Wales in the UK, thanks for taking the time to look through my backlog, the beers behind me with the yellow label’s are the Rocket Porters from Mohawk Brewing Company, I am looking forward to reviewing them as I love a good Porter, cheers

realaleguide says:

Oh thanks for the info, cheers

realaleguide says:

Its a great style of beer one that is getting more and more popular all of the time, cheers

realaleguide says:

Oh it was a fresh bottle, lovely stuff. Was yours ok then? Cheers

Exposfan4ever says:

Good, now I don’t have to send it to you. 😉

What was the date on it? I got sent an expired one when I ordered it.

cattafin71 says:

What are the yellow labeled bottles on the 2nd shelf behind your left shoulder? Nice collection!

cattafin71 says:

Sounds mouthwatering! BTW,are you in the States or UK? I’m still going thru your backlog and was just wondering. Cheers to another great review!

itsdarkinhere says:

For simplicity – their address is eskilstunaolkultur DOT se

Rhys Evans says:

Sounds really nice! I’d love easier access to more Double IPA’s, they’re absolutely stunning.

realaleguide says:

Cheers Dave, great beer isnt it, I am really enjoying the beers I am reviewing from Sweden and Belgian excellent quality to them 🙂

mrgrimviking says:

I had this last night on the chat and it was gorgeous. Lovely and hoppy with a lovely warming sensation to it. Not in an alcoholic sense, just in how tasty and comforting it feels in the mouth. Beautiful stuff. Great review Simon and cheers to Johan!!!

realaleguide says:

Excellent beer this Johan, totally see why you wanted me to review this cracking beer first, cheers for the information. Simon 🙂

crackedbrain says:

One of my favorite dubbel ipa from Sweden. But all beers from Eskilstuna ölkultur is unpasteurized and unfiltered. 99.9% of all swedish craft beers is actually unpasteurized and unfiltered. There is some few beers that are very very easily filtered. Anyway, great review Simon 🙂

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