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A collection of Coors Light UK Jean Claude Van Damme funny adverts. All rights belongs to or at


cisdac says:

Makes me want Coors Light, and I normally don’t like beer.

tanmy85 says:

boom boom

ElPsychochillero says:

why are they advertising how cold their beer is? that doesnt make any sense

md9751 says:


md. rimon Siddiki says:

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SGTBizarro says:

He looks fine… there’s a big difference from the old 80s movies to 52 years old now.

SpiritualAthiest says:

How can this not have at least a million views?! This is going in my favorites.

Tictoc565657 says:

Hit nipple haha so cold and talking to him

sanitysedges says:

Why do I have to sit through an ad so I can watch some ads.

Overnow2 says:


Overnow2 says:


jeppe2299 says:

coors light… I would rather drink toilet water

segundo ernesto berocal quispe says:

ee uu

md9751 says:

I LOVE the way he says ice cold refreshment of a COORZ LITE… HAHAHAH

VIPmsg says:

surely Every Knee Will Bow, Every Eye Will See, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — HALLELUJAH – JESUS CHRIST REIGNS —

ProjectGlen says:


skat0r says:

This is good, but still, aint gonna buy a shitty beer

MrSundownone says:

Van Damme as Badass as 20 years ago!

Trouble Darnell says:

Claude looks like crap

van damme says:

he still look awsome give him some credits please

utsr07 says:

If you don’t remember from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace or before that, something is wrong. He was in The Haunting (1999) too.

TropicalNeon says:

u mean JCVD jean claude van damme, not jean van claud damme ?!?!?! lol

TheSquareCastle says:

I laugh so much I cry

imserious2187 says:


TheShadowdetective12 says:

but he has never been as known as he is now, therefore he is technically a 2000s guy, even if he has been acting since the 80s

Lydia Carey says:

He was in Schindlers List, Star Wars, Kingdom of Heaven, and Michael Collins to name a few all before Batman. Liam Neeson is rock solid for a long time. He has been in movies since the early 80’s.

AndrewsOpinion15 says:


thechosenon360 says:

this is awful

diegomania23 says:

look like “hard Target” movie!, ……hard Target 2 Chance Boudreaux Returns! 🙂

TheShadowdetective12 says:

he was never really known till he did batman begins than taken, he is a 2000s guy

Klandestinie says:

Liam Neeson has been around for a while now…..

hromi says:

I wonder what Chuck Norris might say 😀 maybe thats why he is just trying to recreate… Chuck have created beer and defined each molecule of it 😀

Allovertheplace84 says:

Wen he looks back for the bears Lmao! !! !

Drumminz22 says:

THIS shit…is winning.

TheShadowdetective12 says:

“my clothes were taken by big sweaty bears, i was scared” lol

TheShadowdetective12 says:

fuck liam neeson, fuck daniel craig, fuck everyone who is new, fuck all those new dudes you fuckin love, every old action star is way more awesome than any new actor you like

simonriddick says:

holy fuck this is funny!

LA6616 says:

have you ever seen a man penguin walk after intense mating season? HAVE YOU!!! HAHAHAHA…. FUCKEN AWESOME!!!!!!!

Robin360 says:

Fucking hell yeah!

ActionHero29 says:

Jean-Claude t’es le meilleur on t’aime :)

ActionHero29 says:

Fuck yeah man

ActionHero29 says:

fuck you

ActionHero29 says:

fuck you

Lianbams says:

Cool JCVD!!!!! more movies plssssssssss…^_^

mikedelpiero9 says:

too bad all the so called actors are crap…theres a huge need for action movies and these little fairies actors are too busy making teeny bopper movies…enter 80’s action stars to do the job and theure doing it well…

The6hitcombo says:

sir you are such an idiot
most accion stars have about 35-45
young accion heroes? ¿who? the vampire from twilight? dont make me laugh

viper8334 says:

Unfortunately for you, he’s not doing this to grab the attention of young women or anything of that sort. He’s just acting because he likes it. I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t do something these days for money only? I could tell you that JCVD doesn’t only think about the money. Nope. If you’d watch some of the personal interviews he’s interacted with, you’d see.

Lol, “scene”.

anold130 says:

It’s time for you and the rest of the old action actors in the movie Expendables II to retire from acting not be in the scene in any movie you direct or not be the director off because you are too old nor hid your wrinkles and saggy, loose skin face. It’s time for the young ones to take over rather than you old tarts. You may have muscle but sure be to old climb the hill. It’s time to be grand father than think your part of the young world because once you turn 50 years old and above you are ol

anold130 says:

He can’t talk, can’t walk, can’t look, can’t act, can’t be sarcastic but sure can fight. Jean Claude Van Damme, if your reading this get this in your head old bag your getting old and no you can’t hide your wrinkles or show off to the world young woman today want you than Matthew Mullins.

Epic13 says:

Fortunately his next major film release is ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ – which is a comedy.


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