Compilation of the Dos Equis Beer Commercials – The Most Interesting Man in the World

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He is The Most Interesting Man in The World and here is why. This is not my work, but it’s the most iconic alcoholic beverage advertising propaganda I’ve seen in a long time. Which is all due to Dos Equis creating a spokes person who is ultra-charismatic and uniquely-personable. Stay thirsty my friends.

  • MrCash415

    i’m not bull shitting but i download this video to my ipod and i swear to god before i get to school i play this video and i talk to girls and get girls numbers and it’s just so funny lol cause this shit can boost you if you can take it in the right way

  • MrCash415

    I’m Obama and i’m the most arrogant man in the world.. lol thump’s up if you know what video that’s from

  • GoldenShiner1

    i dont always mop the floor. but when i do, i poop and pee….stay poopie my friend.

  • TheLolsquid

    He live vicariously…

    …through himself.

  • MikeOxsmells

    i don’t always break wind in public but when i do… I follow through.

  • mike colombo

    “I dont always drink beer… But when I do……. I bang fat chicks….. Stay thirsty my friends”

  • MikeOxsmells

    I don’t always drink beer but when I do, I projectile vomit.

  • Jack Berry

    shtay thirshty my friendsh XD

  • funnyvideoman23

    He can speak French…in Russian.

  • 13igPanda

    see those nuts, their there to make us thirsty

  • BronxBeauty22

    sure…then that makes me the most interesting woman on this earth.(pah-leas! try again.)

  • danieryg

    he is the most interesting man in the world

  • MrKetchup1333

    You are my Hero.

  • captlucky3

    is this the same guy from the mens wherehouse comercials?

  • Caerbanogh

    Considering the large amount of beers this guy is drinking, I think the following line would be appropriate :
    “I don’t always go to the toilets, but when I do, I pee 4 and a half liters of Dos Equis”

  • MrTurkishNinja

    I don’t always shit,
    but when I do,
    it’s on your face.

  • Reddylion


  • BronxBeauty22

    I now,only know his name.

  • Reddylion

    let me know if u find out who he is lol..

  • ABRedzone

    He is an actor. His name is Jonathan Goldsmith.

  • BronxBeauty22

    who excatly is this guy and what’s his name?

  • anthonykugerlego


  • aztecwarriorize

    is he supposed to b  ernest hemmingway?

  • buccos2324



  • buccos2324

    Fidel Castro?

  • barboach15

    Anyone else notice how interesting that motherfucker is?

  • dphitch

    The real Dos Equis man is Simon Murry, this guy is just an actor….hahaha

  • JakeBass12

    i call his beard. from his donor card

  • Violet G

    They both come to an agreement that each is a winner and walk away victoriously

  • theincredibleyou2413

    @TheInferno515 if they were to fight the apocalypse and Armageddon would begin , the world would spin the opposite way and the galaxy would explode!!! And the fight would go on for a long long long time!!!

  • Joeycfilms


    the most interesting man in the world parody

  • TheBroMaster123

    I dont always drink beer…….But i do

  • rafa92889

    my fucking hero

  • scott malkinson

    I don’t always drink beer but when I do I beat my wife and kids savegely.

  • TheInferno515

    i wonder who would win in a fight, him or Chuck Norris

  • Habitualcloud

    “He once had an awkward moment… Just to see how it felt.”

  • finaleemicou

    How about the most interesting man in the world, samuel l jackson and chuck norris have a close door meeting solve global warming and child hunger.

  • finaleemicou

    how about a closed door meeting in which the most interesting man in the world, samuel l jackson and chuck norris solve Pi.

  • Adeon55

    “Find out what it is in life that you don’t do well…
    and then don’t do that thing.”
    My God.

  • clinicalpsychologist

    Chuck Noris’s father

  • guanzzou

    I don’t always comment on youtube, but when i do i get top comment.

  • elsleepy21

    I don’t always listen to Metallica But when I do, Nothing Else Matters.

  • OGSosaMontana

    his passport requires no photo…

  • RandomAussieGuy87

    This guy is like a cross between Chuck Norris and The Stig.

  • voneinemkindgefict

    shit that is me…only with less charisma

  • JayyEVee

    he has dislikes on this video… just to know how it feels

  • Boomst1k

    He once walked into Mordor…just because a friend told him he couldn’t.

  • beefcrueguitardude

    aliens try to find him

  • Alphieboy

    i dont always try to find the names of memes, but when i do, i don’t know that the name is