Another 1950’s Beer Commercial that you cant find on TV anymore.

A 1963 TV commercial for Schlitz beer in the pull pop-top can.

Anheuser Busch Michelob Beer, 1970s 1970’s Hilarious commercials from the 1970’s 1970’s commercials Vintage TV Commercial of the 70’s 1970’s commercial class…

Rousing 1952 part live-action, part- animated television commercial for Heileman’s Old Style Lager. Subscribe to Captbijou’s channel!! More vintage videos are added almost daily!! Tobuy classic films, westerns, serials, commercials and vintage television shows on DVD — plus original movie posters, autographs and collectables — be sure to visit Captain Bijou’s website,

Again, Colt 45 impress with their high budget commercials.

A 1982 TV commercial for Lite Beer from Miller featuring THE FIRST LITE BEER BOWLING TOURNAMENT featuring many familiar celebrity faces, including John Madden, Bubba Smith, and Rodney Dangerfield.

As We Like It documents a reverent history of beer, throughout world history and in 1950’s America. Full of hilariously over the top adult beverage promotion, the film describes beer as a necessity to a healthy economy, community cooperation, and “gracious living.” The movie also exclaims that beer is “Sparkling, golden, pure, refreshing, a beverage […]