Want to stay strong this festive season, swerving the chocolate and cheese? Well stop being a little bitch and have a beer – says AskMen’s Agony Uncle.

Tucker, a 5 year-old, 90 lb. black lab fetches a beer (soda) from the refrigerator. Nice job!

The newest drinking game craze is #neknominate. All you need to know is what you see in the viral videos. Crazy people scull beers in creative ways and then #neknominate two neknominees. Some of the videos are hilarious, some are intense. At any rate, don’t try this at home kids. Also drink responsibly.

In this edition: protesters in Thailand are urging a boycott of a well-known beer brand; a young American man shares his incredible weight loss experience online; and a BMX champ in a stunning performance across Lima, Peru. Powered by Producer : France 24

Houston firefighter Craig Moreau had to get creative when a small fire extinguisher wasn’t helping him put out the brake fire on an 18-wheeler. Luckily, the truck was filled with beer. Gillian Pensavalle (@GillianWithaG) has the story.

A 5 year old boy says he was punched in the face on Christmas Eve in Santa Fe, N.M.

A man in south Florida tried to trade a live alligator for a twelve pack of beer at a local convenience store. Andrew Dymburt (@CantPinTheDym) has the story.

A secret room used for growing pot cost a Yuba City mini-mart its beer license.

Golden boy Justin Bieber has been caught in the act, but cmon who hasnt played beer pong before they turned 21. Well, photos have surfaced from a year and a half ago, making the Biebs only 17 years old and caught in a fun but totally underage game of beer pong.