Beer Review

In this one I take the hammock out to the woods to spend some time reflecting the meaning of life. That all goes out of the window pretty quickly and I just end up drunk. Shout out to the special guest and life long legend…….. Snowman head! Website: T-shirts UK: T-Shirts US: Instagram Thanks for […]

Hello. I occasionally upload short videos about beers that I enjoy. Today, I am checking out Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout from Colorado. 12.9% ABV if you can believe it. Brewed in small batches. Thank you for checking out my videos.

A review of Frontline Gaming F.A.T Mats or Tablemats from their KickStarter campaign last year. This mousepad like, highly detailed battlefield covering really enhance the look and feel of your game. A great value and very durable, a must for any game club!