Beer Review

Singha Lager – beer reviewNeed new shirts, get it at

Ale/beer Review 20 – 1488Need new shirts ?

Beer Review #65 Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

A Billy Beer taste test review. Watch me drink and review an old can of Billy Beer from the 70’s

Beer Review # 350 Stone Brewery Ruination IPA

clik here Goodnight Brew( A Parody for Beer People) Binding: Hardcover Author: AnnE.Briated Publisher: BailiwickPress

Clik here do hops give off the flavor and aroma that they do? “Because” is not the answer. They vary in Alpha Acids, Beta Acids, Myrcene and a host of other oils and acids. Where they are grown even matters. This book covers over 110 individual hops and breaks them down piece-by-piece so you […]

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