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The newest 6% alcohol, heavily advertised, bland, marketing gimmick beer from A-B/InBev.

Classic Game Room HD reviews NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE, the famous, flavorful, nutty brown ale all the way from England! Those British know how to brew and this beer shows it. Classic taste, well rounded, balanced and enjoyable anytime, anywhere. CGRHD reviews more than just video games, we also review things that compliment video games. This […]

Classic Game Room HD reviews BEER SHOOTER for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This game allows you to strap two half barrels of beer to your back and shoot thirsty patrons at a beer garden with cold, frothy beer! What’s not to like about this game? Beer, cleavage, animals drinking beer… it’s got it all. […]

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This is a pretty good beer two thumbs up. The website is