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A new test has been designed to certify beer experts can identify aromas, look and taste of a beer. CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds reports.

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A German waiter has broken a world record by carrying 27 full mugs of Bavarian beer. Oliver Struempfel works at the Gillemoos festival in the town of Abensbe…

What follows is a comparison of three different diet root beers.

A Brazilian beer company, has dived to new depths with their latest commercial, shot underwater! If this ad doesn’t make you thirsty, I’m not sure what will. Sally Turner has the scoop

The anchor of YLE News In English, Kimmo Wilska, pretending to take a sip of beer for fun after reporting on alcohol license inspections in Finland: He was fired later the same day by YLE, October 13th, 2010.!/pages/Kimmo-Wilska-support-group/157386920961989

wheelchair runner woman that had been begging in a wheelchair for years suddenly got up and ran in order to evade police in Monterrey mexico, no free beer announced that anheuser-bush will no longer offer free beer samplings at their theme parks due to lack of demand and need, odd news, funny news, myinboxnews,

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Good news: beer is good for your health! Bad news: only in moderate quantity! Scientists say moderate beer consumption has positive effects on cardiovascular diseases