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The anchor of YLE News In English, Kimmo Wilska, pretending to take a sip of beer for fun after reporting on alcohol license inspections in Finland: He was fired later the same day by YLE, October 13th, 2010.!/pages/Kimmo-Wilska-support-group/157386920961989

wheelchair runner woman that had been begging in a wheelchair for years suddenly got up and ran in order to evade police in Monterrey mexico, no free beer announced that anheuser-bush will no longer offer free beer samplings at their theme parks due to lack of demand and need, odd news, funny news, myinboxnews,

The gnooze’s special coverage of the 2009 Beer Summit. Marta Costello hosts the gnooze (the g is silent), the day’s top stories in under 5 minutes. Bloopers and more at ! Check out Http:// and become a fan, or follow marta on Twitter at Thanks to Oz J. Thomas for the show open! […]

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Good news: beer is good for your health! Bad news: only in moderate quantity! Scientists say moderate beer consumption has positive effects on cardiovascular diseases

COMEDY NEWS TONIGHT REPORT ON YUENGLING BEER. This is a commercial to promote Living Vivid Dreams new production, Comedy News Tonight by Chavon “Nizzie” Vanias.

In this edition: protesters in Thailand are urging a boycott of a well-known beer brand; a young American man shares his incredible weight loss experience online; and a BMX champ in a stunning performance across Lima, Peru. CALLS TO BOYCOTT SINGHA BEER IN THAILANDFor some weeks now activists in Thailand have been using Singha beer […]

Beer-carrying world record smashed by waiter – BBC News. Get more at

The sexy and amazing Paris Hilton stops by to exchange gifts with Nemo Hoes and tries her first 40oz of Colt 45 beer. Watch S.4 Ep. 4 –…

Empire Brewery in New York has found itself in legal trouble for its lager called Strikes Bock. So, Empire Strikes Bock. Pretty clever, but Lucasfilm isn’t l…