Beer Commercials Two guys are left in a bar alone with hundred bottles of budweiser budlight beer. One of the guys decides to steal some. Bartender uses guy’s ass as a bottle opener. For the great taste that will fill you up and never let you down, make it bud light. —Hugest collection of video commercials:——

Labatt Blue Beer Commercial – Bear Pond Hockey

MV – Lee Min Ho/Jessica Gomes – Korean Beer Commercial (2X Cass Beer CF)

Hummerer’s Iced High Gravity Beer and Summer Parody Commercial. Does include foul language.

North Korean ‘Taedonggang Beer’ TV Commercial북한의 대동강맥주 TV 광고 (영상 제공 = 조선중앙TV)

Peter Graves for Natural Light Beer Commercial 1978

Jbc65 Commercial 65 Horizontal Beer Bottle Cooler

Man tries to open a bottle of Miller Time beer by doing the twist.

Red Horse Beer “Tansan” TV Commercial 2002

The funniest beer commercial Самая смешная реклама пива