Beer Commercials

Sapporo Beer Commercial – Legendary Biru Agency: Dentsu Canada

Slow motion Men in Slow motion At normal speed men look really ugly Men look better in Slow motion It makes me want to sing quite loud na na I WANT A CAARLTON Draught chips and lagagne Who wants my salad? I think I need to take a break and have have a lie down […]

People around the world watch the Super Bowl, even non-football fans. Many enjoy watching the commercials as advertisers go all out with their creative teams to get you to laugh or talk about their tv ad. The Daily Idea decided these commercials may have gone too far, so we’ve created what would happen if Bud […]

Hilarious commercials! Many are banned, some are foreign, all are extremely funny. Stay tuned for part 11, which will be even more outrageous. TideManix CondomsAmeriquestCarton Draught BeerPanasonic Viera Plasma tvNomad mobile phonesPower LeagueIkea …and much much more!

Watch all top funny beer commercials at

Watch all top funny beer commercials at