Carlton Draught – Beer Chase

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Watch the official Carlton Draught “Beer Chase” TV ad (the full version). To waste even more time visit us at Total views are a combination of the old and the new track

  • AY02Mr


  • MarthKoopa

    disregard money, obtain bitches

  • evansx252

    The bag is clearly on the guy running behind the passenger, the tall mate.

  • afesca

    Thank you!

  • Colin Pendlebury

    made from beer…
    why yes it is.

  • OmegaSigs

    only in Australia

  • jimsms

    If only the beer were as good as the ad.

  • thisdopenose

    The slick looking cop that yells ‘pull over’ – Michael Biehn? 

  • Whitenamese777

    The song is called John Farnham – Thunder In Your Heart

  • Olivia Mack


  • Eldavinhio

    rust flavored water but by god i miss it haha!

  • hiddenpublic

    It’s the b-roll guy! that’s good b-roll.

  • AlarikTheGoth

    Stan Bush cover of “Thunder in Your Heart”

  • DylanGP21

    Socialist Beer … search it in youtube its hilarious!!!

  • twildys

    at the bottom right of the screen?

  • maccamann97

    Whats the song??

  • treicy80

    i thought usa cops 1st shooted and then asked

  • Tom Saunders

    I love this commercial.

  • Andre Deuner

    shut up and enjoy the ad! asshole

  • joeyjolene1980

    Oh Nope… guy has black duffel bag.

  • tachoeu

    Este está mejor.

  • CountD07

    What is the name of the song??

  • Maky2442

    i tried this… didn’t end well

  • in2universe

    anyone know where this was filmed? locations?

  • samo1343

    the tallest man there is carrying the bag throughout the chase

  • Leo K

    its beer magic u know?

  • IanGorton

    Yeah it’s a weird ad all round

  • IanGorton


  • IanGorton

    That’s what I’d like to know

  • ozinkent

    * Its not real!

  • kyrptonogspook

    I know the director he’s an American who has started to make Audie beer ads but he is based in USA he previously made how to make-a mate for toothies new

  • FIndianKid

    lol but if it’s an Australian ad why are the cops wearing the US type uniform? =/

  • Daniel Kahl

    I thought they were going to buy a round for all the police and then have a huge party. But this was good too.

  • Mithgaur

    Agree, perfect video to for inconsistencies

  • StonerPunk666

    Shortly followed by, “Shit! We left the money…”

  • imbooboo68

    If you think they left the money. You where not watching close enough. The tall guy with the leather coat has the bag. Look when they go over the road block.

  • ThatWeLike

    Made from beer!

  • RedditBroughtMeHer3

    When Does Le Narwhal Bacon?

  • knarkjanne

    in 0:50 you can see the guy to the left with the bag

  • Thomas ad

    They left their money?

  • EdwardInSpiteOfMe

    La cité de la peur anyone?

  • whotaughtyou


  • lost29581

    left the money behind

  • howitza4

    For an Australian ad, yes they are.

  • Peniscat88

    “Thunder Heart” by The Johnnies.

  • FIndianKid

    Aren’t they Australian $100 notes? 0:12

  • jayjaynobbs

    whats the name of this epic song?

  • BlueBetaPro

    “Made from beer”?

  • ellmister

    Time travel, Obviously.