Budweiser Black Crown – Hoggie’s Beer Review

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The newest 6% alcohol, heavily advertised, bland, marketing gimmick beer from A-B/InBev.

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Eric31411 says:

anyone out there tried Estrella Damm?? it’s from Spain, and for some reason only seems to be marketed and sold on occasion in Supermarkets here in the U.S……..but one of the best imports I’ve had in a while!

Mike May says:

I disagree, I did not care for it @first, but, I like it now..Would I purchase a case of it..no, would I buy it every week..NO..but, It is an enjoyable brew I prefer the Mich amber Bock over the Black Crown, to each his own. Cheers FUCKER!

Hog40305 says:

Impossible. Every homebrew I’ve had tastes 100x better than this crap.

scott maroney says:

it tastes like they want it to resemble a home brew.

ethan2010ize says:

This beer is disgusting! after i had one i threw it in my wood chipper. waste of money.

Deville Aguillard says:

do redds apple ale!!!!

tknick90 says:

For the price, availability, and potency this stuff isn’t a bad choice. Surpasses BL Platinum without a doubt.

sacredsleeper says:

There are more favorable beers but probably the best Bud beer ever on the market.

flapflerbron says:

You ever have Bud American Ale? It was really good, which is why I guess they stopped selling it 🙁


This beer… is fine

Bama Grunt says:

bret bowdn lookin ass

Allen Polley says:

I baught a six pack of this today. I am not a Bud fan at all. To me Bud in a disgrace to the art of Beer or Lager. But, as far as Bud goes I can drink this. Only when I can’t find what I want tho. I still prefer Amber Bock tho. I like dark beers. A beer that you can taste and smell and enjoy.

Josh Gilman says:

i like black crown its my new go to beer for social gatherings 

back2thefutre says:

Bud is gay

back2thefutre says:

Im super gay

JMLS20 says:

is budweiser going to release black crown in canada

Marshall Evans says:

Short and sweet Review Hogg; good stuff.

BigGhommie says:

Not bad. I’d take it over a BL Platinum.

glitch777 says:

ok typo on my first comment. i thought it seemed like they added a bit of crystal malt to BL platinum

onemulatto says:

Nice review. Nothing fancy. Just a dude close to being an alcoholic giving his opinion on this new beer. Yall, check it out if you want!

I like your intro. Too dumb for that. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

mytrurevu says:

Nice Review Hoggie.  We are going to do Black Crown this week.

Brett Kunkle says:

good review Hoggie

Mike May says:

I ran out of room on my comment below, in fairness, I only tried 2 bottles of the BC,so, 10 more to go. I am going to try the Becks Sapphire this week, only a 6 pack though. Kudos to Dos Equis Amber, one of my favorite beers..Cheers fucker, I always enjoy your reviews. MILLER SUCKS, Buttwiper better..haha

Mike May says:

I purchased a 12 pack of the Black Crown, it is harsh with a nasty after taste,not good. I like the Michelob Amber Bock mucho better. Black Crown will get you buzzing pretty good. I also like A-B King Cobra and Hurricane, smoother than the BC, I have always been a “Bud” man, Miller Sucks. I uploaded a “Bad Beer Friday” featuring “Miller Geniune Draft”, in a 24 oz can..can you spell Y U C K..disgusting and nasty crap, my cat’s urine combined with our canines urrine would taste better!! Bud better

Outstanding Cruise says:

This new AB/INBEV offering is bland i agree, and its just mainly a brew to get you drunk quicker!They need to make a straight up in you’re face real ”IPA” not the Shock Top one, that doesent count ,but wait that would cost more to make right?lol.Overall im really not biased toward AB and i do buy them from time to time.I can see why in a sense you trash the company, and you’re reasons are many as we all know that watch you’re vids.

andrewcletus says:

Also, way better than Bud Light Platinum for sure!!! If going mid priced BMC beer I would rather have a Killians Irish Red over Black Crown…..

andrewcletus says:

Black Crown not good, but did a blind taste test last night with it, Michelob Amberbock, and Bud Regular. Surprisingly the Black Crown was the best. I was expecting to like the Amberbock the most remembering what I thought of Amberbock in the past but the Black Crown had more smell and more taste. The Bud Reg seemed out right nasty against the other two and after warming the Bud Reg was disgusting while Amberbock and Black Crown did not change and were actually a little better as they warmed.

jeff61177 says:

AB INBEV has no idea what beer is. I will not ever buy anything from them. I might drink it if it’s free but other than that, that shit is gross.

vabeachkilla says:

i was thinking the same thing when i tried it..it wasnt horrible but it was bland as shit..but after trying this and Platinum i cant really see this having the same success as the Platinum but who know with some of the shit these people drink nowadays

EJE22822 says:

You forgot your Untappd account.

EJE22822 says:

The thing that confused the hell out of me was Budweiser calling it “Light Platinum”. Like you said, it is anything BUT a light beer. Just call it Budweiser Platinum. But then again, Bud Light is a better seller than standard Bud is so, by default, call it Bud Light Platinum and you’ll rake in the cash while all the sheep grow those beer guts….like mine…

Franklin McCants Jr says:

It doesn’t compare to real beer lol…I remember getting platnium last summer, and it tasted like shite, but I only cared about the 6% which did the job..

Franklin McCants Jr says:

I love your description for this lol.

ou812mc says:

Thank you for this review. I like the amber color. Its better than the Steel Reserve Triple Export I had earlier this evening.

BUCKrub91 says:

sorry for the 3 comments but I would like to add.. mine was actually kind of warm when I drank it (again long night at work needed a beer) and I still didnt mind it..

BUCKrub91 says:

I personally hope its a success and stays on the market… i paid 14 dollars for a 12 pack of this.. and i usually pay 10 dollars for my go to 6 pack of sierra Nevada pale ale.. after a long day of work this beer hits the spot.. and I dont feel guilty for drinking 6 of them like I do with the sierra nevada

BUCKrub91 says:

Drinking a black crown right now… pretty good.. just cant compare it to craft beer

Ronald Theriot says:

I’m just like you- aside from inexpensive standby beers (like Icehouse), I almost never try anything a second time, because I’m always trying something new.

NuclearDolfin says:

Platinum has been a success? Fuck…………

Friar Tuck says:

It wasn’t offensive but I wasn’t like wow I need to let my friends know about this either. At a good $2 cheaper than most crafts around me it was pretty good figuring in price. I doubt I’ll buy it again with so many other great beers(Or at least beers I’ve yet to try to try) on the market.

Jackurbation says:

I’ve been tempted but haven’t bought a pack yet. I know I’ll break down one day. It’s inevitable. I’m the perfect example of the type of person Bud will be aiming those ads at ha!

rockbot2222 says:

Another day, another bland Anheuser-Busch InBev beer.

Crisgo3d says:

After having the brewmaster 12 project and this one being the product of it, I would not waste my money on this. Those beers were not surprising or interesting. It did not excite me.I think if you were a Bud drinker then you would like it. That is about it

abcyellow says:

I agree…not great but not bad at all.

thetypezero says:

It sucks around here the law is you can’t buy above 6percent locally. Unless you go to a liquor store. As long as this is better then steel reserve I think ill be alright. Wish Schlitz was around here never tried it. Mickeys is my favorite malt liquor I’m kinda limited here as far as variety goes…

sjporr says:

Just another gimick beer by INBEV

Bodombrother209 says:

Awesome review thats what i tasted as well

Ronald Theriot says:

I think it’s pretty good.

PhoenixZong says:


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