Bud Light Real Men of Genius

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Beer ad

  • bilal0072003

    Aye´╗┐ caramba…lmao

  • OoOSilence

    Reminds me of Zoolander. ” when you’re really, really, really good looking ­čśí ”´╗┐

  • Igotbabesalloverme

    I have come to a realization that commercials aren’t this good anymore´╗┐ :……(

  • PhoenixGoddess1983

    I miss these commercials! These were´╗┐ hilarious!

  • irkiIIer

    mr terrible warthog driver is not a real man of´╗┐ genius

  • theothoughts

    I don’t see´╗┐ no lettuce!

  • devilsephiroth9000

    Mr. never have time to floss his teeth, and get in everyone’s faces when he speaks´╗┐

  • FourIncher69

    tradechat brought´╗┐ me here

  • rickledanielle

    Mr.giant taco´╗┐ inventor!

  • Epicraptor1


  • Nina Seda

    Ay, caramba!!!´╗┐ ROTFLMAO

  • gONeMusic1

    1:35 EEEEverywhere a´╗┐ Splish-Splash!

  • chaoticwarrior12

    Why can you drive´╗┐ straight?

  • my2centsITSfree

    a culinary creation that baffles the´╗┐ human mind. A 12 000 calorie salad.

  • PortlandEye503

    Attention´╗┐ men!!

    Your not “cool” or “socially acceptable” unless you drink alcohol.

  • bigerch85

    Here´╗┐ a splish ,there a splash!!

  • GouledXD

    This is where the morning glory dew thing came´╗┐ from…

  • MrRexiv

    “I don’t see no´╗┐ lettuce!”…classic.

  • fatkidincoat

    I miss these so much. We heard them when my´╗┐ mom used to race. back when i was 9 i loved these so much. So many memories ­čśÉ i hope they come back

  • everfrost95

    Turtle neck and chain sippin´╗┐ on a light beer

  • laserindie

    We salute´╗┐ you, sideways TV laying on the floor guy.

  • PeteStarbuckzzz

    yeah. me too. they really gotta make a full length TV show out of this. could easily be better than 90% of shows´╗┐ on now

  • MrWaffel1996

    now i know… IM’A REAL MAN OD GENIUS´╗┐

  • dtothedog1

    damn it now i want a´╗┐ taco salad

  • Boogyman4050

    I bath in Axe body´╗┐ spray and 13,000 calorie, instant artery clogging Taco Salads are the shit! Pass the hot sauce!

  • remond5

    IT’S A SALAD, ISN’T IT? ….:D hilarious!!!

  • IslandFuzz

    I’ont see no lettus!´╗┐ LOL

  • Knightmessenger

    What’s funny is that Taco Bell later came out with a salad´╗┐ where “the only thing that makes it a salad is the lettuce.”

  • reignxzile

    “AY´╗┐ CARAMBA!!!”

  • turtle79070

    anyone realize this is the voice´╗┐ for captain keys?

  • NescioQuidErgoDeus

    These are funnier on the radio where you can imagine it… I don’t hear´╗┐ them much anymore.

  • kelvbot2

    128 people can’t´╗┐ dance

  • Haggun

    some may ask “is your tako saled heathy?”´╗┐ of course it is, its a salad isnt it? XD

  • mattmatt1696

    what’s the one called where the guy crabs some bud light in the fridge from the store but another dude thinks he lady and sais “need a hand” it’s funny

  • upgradednigga

    Beer´╗┐ kills
    Weed cures

  • chicanoman2999

    captain´╗┐ keys!

  • 11xzxzxz

    I’m a real man of genius and inattention and I ignore all commercials but these got my attention and amuse me. Why´╗┐ are commercials so bad that even a decent one as these seems well? decent and good.

  • lifeiscrap103

    Yep, he is also the multiplayer voice guy, and the voice guy´╗┐ from the Comedy Central commercials.

  • collinspartan117

    I had no clue that Stacker was the voice for these commercials until´╗┐ I was in the panel at Halo Universe. “Mr. Terrible Warthog Driver” was not only funny, but it had the voice for 343 Guilty Spark singing. It’s not possible to get more badass, unless Master Chief is humming the tune.

  • dreamrequiem212

    I love how everyone saw the Halo fest´╗┐ panel and then came right here….

    ..I’m one of them…

  • GoBeyondTheStars


  • RaptorGears


  • TheROFLcopter66

    Who´╗┐ knew Captain Keyes liked Bud Light.

  • 420nielsen

    You can eat that deepfried cruchy bowlll…´╗┐

  • jimmy3hawk

    LOOVE´╗┐ IT!!! LMAO!!!

  • crazeyjoe

    @mikeyb369… True, but Eye of the Tiger is the song that the band Survivor was´╗┐ best known for. So that is why I tied that specific song to these commercials ­čÖé

  • crazeyjoe

    @mikeyb369… True, but Eye of the Tiger is the song that the band Survivor was best known for. So´╗┐ that is why I tied that specific song to these commerials ­čÖé

  • Axellios

    fucking´╗┐ lol ­čśÇ