Beer Review: Heineken

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blackdragon7803 says:

Bland is is your opinion I wouldn’t consider Heineken a generic beer. Corporate? Oh yes. It’s such a huge corporation. They sell tons of this stuff. I don’t think they sell that many Heinekens because people think its bland.

strangemenssana says:

Well it depends on what you think is good.If you like generic,bland,corporate lager,then you’re gonna like this.

asprouse16 says:

Heineken is a big boy beer? Wow dude you know nothing about beer

asprouse16 says:

This beer is complete trash. It is garbage. Learn something about beer. It will open your mind

huguesbc says:

Agree with JJ it’s pretty awful if you ask me.

blackdragon7803 says:

Maybe it was a bad batch Heineken tastes pretty damn good.

beasty513 says:

You like your smoke. lol

SyndicateOfPolitics says:

That’s exactly the first beer I ever bought. Easy to drink, but a little funky towards the end if you let it sit, but who does that to a Heineken?

Walt Stine says:

You’re a pussy if you think Heineken tastes like piss….can’t handle the big boy beers

villadavid4ever says:

Pale lagers are all the same, piss.

sidbolero says:

I bought a six pack of small cans of this last night. It was supposedly imported into the UK so I expected it to be decent. God, was I wrong.. watery, characterless, bland, uninteresting beer..literally a chore to finish them. Strange thing is I have had Heineken on flights abroad and it has been pretty good.

MrPlownds26 says:

Bob on Joe.Altough not excellent,Hieneken is O.K. but nothing more.Quite sweet tasting for skunky piss.Last time I was in the Netherlands I drank Palm almost exclusivly.Up until the 90’s British Hieneken was 3% bilge brewed by a London chemical factory.Now that really was skunky piss

Paulbreetbisihrkotzt says:

Drinking Heineken while watching this. I personally like the taste and stuff.

metal134 says:

Agreed with this. For me, beer is beer. To be honest, all beer taste like piss, really. I’m just trying to get a buzz.

BTW, love your username.

BallLikeVintage says:

i dont drink beer or alcohol XD but your funny n that thing taste like shit

Hydra Phoenix says:

LECH – Premuim Lager is VERY! better.

45678975011 says:

Heineiken in a can does not taste skunky.

Michael James says:

You know what piss taste’s like?

guitarphil1081 says:

i have a beer i want to send to you. were is your address i can send u a beer

Steve Kalenich says:

serve ice cold.. so you numb your taste buds and cant smell the “stench’ (chuckle)

Steve Kalenich says:

Ben said it, Heineken is the “best marketed “imported brew” on the market. Look no further than the Sky Fall “James Bond:” connection.. but “come on man” this beer sucks! PERIOD any true beer drinker knows it…. so what are we even giving it any air time for ? Joe D, .. Bro be part of the solution .. not the problem.. you might as well rate Bud Light Platinum (chuckle)

Ben Schattenberg says:

“Wow!! Decent smoke!”

In the Netherlands we brew lots of better beer than Heineken. But Heineken is the best marketed dutch brand ever.

biernavigatie says:

Great video! Here in Holland most people feel the same about Heineken as you describe it. But the must be doing something right, if they brew in more then 40 countries in teh world.
Continue making these video’s!

IDeathMetal58 says:

I just love how pretentious know-it-all assholes like to say a certain beer tastes like “piss” or say its “Piss water”…. The fact is, the beer is cheap, easy to drink and something you look to for a buzz, not to astound you with flavor, stoutness, or whatever like “German Beer/Lager”. So don’t just sit there and slander the cheap beers like Bud light, Heineken, Coors etc. leave it be and go drink your fancy shit, thanks.

sixwhip14 says:

I’ve always thought Heineken was overrated and not that great. Glad to see that Joe agrees.

John Buynone says:

I’ll drink it but its mediocre.

mrmiba10 says:

you drink the american piss version , you should check the original from the netherlands

DJFish8051 says:

is this Bare Grylls im a huge fan!!!!!!

ken mick says:

Dude lets get a beer sometime.

travelplus1 says:

I like Heniken over Corona in my opinion

Joshua Chan says:

I don’t drink lagers and i hate them, mate… I usually drink stouts but they are kind of pricey.

FHSWarrior24 says:

You seem like a cool guy to have a beer with


no it’s not. You can get a 6 pack of Troeggs or Stone for the same price as Heineken.

RPBiohazard says:

Obviously Heineken isn’t the best beer out there but it’s good for the price.

Greg Beelen says:

Guinness is nice indeed. From Czech, I only tried Budweiser and Pilsner and they are also nice!
My personal favorite beers are Hopus, Grimbergen Blond, Chouffe and Chimay Red.
Can you recommand me any special (less famous ones) Czech beer? Because I don’t know that much about them. 😉

eriss1588 says:

I was in Belgium and also in Ireland, and there I drank the local beers. i like guinness.

Greg Beelen says:

I guess you never had a Belgian (or Irish)…

RadekHataj says:


Brian Cannon says:

Watch the movie Blue Velvet. What I commented is a quote from it.

Brian Cannon says:

I was referencing the movie Blue Velvet.

alucard6679 says:

its really not that bad. i mean, i dont buy it too often, but as far as your typical lagers go you could be doing a lot worse (budweiser, coors, miller, and the list of shitty lagers goes on……) so, yea….its more of a good time beer, like if your out and chillin with some friends. but if im by myself or with someone with the same taste as me i would never get it.

Ali Zurix says:

this shit should be illegal.. it taste like a horse piss DON’T EVER BUY IT

jon doe says:

fk that heineken is good when its fresh… the turn over rate of the beer in stock at the distributer has allot to do with this…. even snunkey ill take it over bud any day!!

ih8suvz says:

Heineken? FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

XxT0THED0MExX says:

Do you drink piss regularly?

Tim Stolowski says:

according to South Park, “you’re white trash and youre in trouble”

guldfeldt555 says:

“It’s not bad”? never tasted worse.

01234567891098761000 says:

Yes…Very good piss indeed

01234567891098761000 says:

The retarded hillbilly who spelled Heineken wrong would drink PBR

Brian Cannon says:

Hinken? FUCK THAT SHIT! Pabst Blue Ribbon!

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