Beer Review 113: 2011 Belgo Anise Imperial Russian Stout – Stone Brewing Co.

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Emergency Beer Review: We had a bottle of Stone’s 2011 Imperial Russian Stout sent to us from ManBearPig1122334455. In the process of removing packaging, the…

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ClementsHomebrew says:

This was a great beer. Loved the Belgian version. ManBearPig picked it up for us for under $7, which was incredible. And… yes… so many beers and so little time. Agreed! Cheers!

ClementsHomebrew says:

LOL And the damn cat was being difficult too! The Belgian version of Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout was one of the best Belgian stouts I’ve had. Really good stuff. I know some of my friends in Pennsylvania and other East Coast states get it. For some reason we don’t… and we are in Oregon!

underthetablebrewing says:

I love those background sounds… crickets, some kind of wind… oh, were you guys reviewing a beer??? You guys just rock! i know this is an old one, but that beer sounds killer. I’ve had two beers this week with warrior hops and picked up a commonality. I am pretty sure I like it. Cheers!

ClementsHomebrew says:

I agree. They got the balance just right.

ClementsHomebrew says:

Thanks Harry

ClementsHomebrew says:

🙂 This was one of the better Belgian stouts I’ve had. really nice balance.

harrybrew69 says:

Good vid guy’s, as always.

DJsBrewTube says:

Nice review guys. Sounds like a really top notch brew. We don’t get many of the Stone Flavores stouts here in MD. But maybe one day. So many beers so little time. Nice review.



TheMasterOfHoppets says:

This is my favorite Belgian style Imperial Stout. Stone makes some great brews. Great review guys, cheers!

PABrewNews says:

I’ve recapped a few beers in my day as well…. ha ha ha, I’ve had their regular imperial stout & I thought it was really lovely… Cheers Guys!

ClementsHomebrew says:

Thank you and… WRONG! We have stashed the 2010 IRS away for the future. We’ll bust it out in a year or two for fun! Yeah, I kinda like the bloopers too! Thanks gain. Loved the beer for sure.

ClementsHomebrew says:

And here I was thinking you didn’t like stouts.

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