Banned Commercials – Beer Makes Women Beautiful

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Banned Commercials – Beer Makes Women Beautiful

  • texanfanfb

    Those statistics are accurate especially since they did NOT come from a (.com) website. Maybe i’m blind but to me it looks as if your statement is bitching, and my statement is informative.

  • Number1OnForbesList

    OH MY GOD shut your bitching quit worrying about numbers and statistics 98% out of 100% of what you find on the internet is BULL SHIT.

  • texanfanfb

    Your english is awful. Denmark has an 8% unemployment rate as of august 2012. The U.S. is currently just under that. The U.S. also has 330 million more citizens than Denmark. The U.S. actually employs about 20 times the population of Denmark. Denmark has 13.4% of it’s citizens under the poverty line. The U.S. is also one in seven reportedly living in poverty. Denmark is something the U.S. leaves in a toilet.

  • westmallcrips

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  • tataeco1

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  • marziyyih123

    Or you could not be a douche and accept women as they are.

  • Art Maknev

    how can you get drunk from this?

  • Nick374a

    So Denmark has a lower level of political correctness? I believe that our society is one of the best builded currently, hence we got nearly no poor, unlike other countries such as the US. This is just one of the examples.

  • Ashton Erasmus

    i thought tuborg was turkish??

  • Robbie Barton



    Verry true THE1POSTMAN would know

  • littlebopepe

    its pretty clear that its the same person. Its also clear, in the first frames as well, that she is attractive. honestly, i think in a way she is more attractive in the first because you know she has potential to look prettier if she dolls herself up a little. I didn’t care for her hair in the last 2 beer goggle/glass shots… that and the overly whorish dresses.

    she reminds me of the girl from 10 things i hate about you… that heath ledger movie?

  • Eagle027

    Some of us are perceptive enough to see the diamond in the rough.

  • teknotiss

    because she is, if you have facial recognition skills you’d see that too.

  • MiZTiiX

    “x” it out?

  • darthonia

    how do you know it was the same actress
    i dont think so!

  • matvraket

    Well gentlemen! All i can say is DRINK UP!!

  • 1994Zlatan

    Mmm, she is so hot (yummy)

  • cscdigitalgraphics

    Give us a six pack

  • Joel Leyva

    Must…..Drink….Beer….In Denmark!

  • IAmTDurden

    What’s so Hmm… ? A woman can suppress or express her sexuality, and makeup, hairstyle, dress, and demeanor are the main techniques for doing that.

  • rolito736

    Must drink beer

  • Trey Thompson

    There is no reason this should be banned finally an honest beer commercial

  • DJ27055!/pages/Cold-Beer/103462376397130

  • Sebastien Guerrero

    Beer goggles

  • erickguz123

    Kinda reminds me of the “Mystery Drink” in Mass Effect 2

  • KaitlynoGrubb

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    Impossible Street Magic Tricks… Guaranteed!”

  • SharrioHensl

    In Just 10 Minutes YOU Will Begin To Master Mind Bending,
    Impossible Street Magic Tricks… Guaranteed!”

  • Rafael Abreu

    no es menos de ahi

  • Diane Thomas

    Too funny!

  • ricchansan

    why was this banned? i’m female and had a good laugh myself ^^

  • WeWannaRockAllNight

    TDQ!!!!! RULEZ

  • Keepn1stepahead

    Come and follow me on Twitter @gainesway. There’s plenty to learn there

  • tnakai1971jp

    More like vodka, I would have thought.

  • 123MrBurg

    > LOL.. That zooming noise you heard was the joke flying way over your head. I would try to explain, but that would ruin it for you when you do finally get the joke. 🙂

  • Trey Thompson

    U never had colt 45 then

  • iOnlyHaveThisForWoW

    Banned? I saw this one last year!

  • 1GodOnlyOne

    I’ve had beer, and it doesn’t do that, nor anything like it.

  • BillieJolene1

    BILLIE JOLENE is a chain smoking, thunderbird wine drinking, hot mess diva on the look out for a man. Just type in billiejolene1
    (it also features her pill popping friend Bobby Ray who’s also on the lookout for a man as well).

  • wantedwanted21

    No fucking shit Sherlock ?!?!

  • louise ladley

    thats rude!

  • skaterdude8873

    i wish my girlfriend would turn beautifull every time i drink beer

  • molarrycurly420

    Banned commercials are all the fad. Nearly everything raw is banned in U.S. Check out video “Boonville Milkman” to see why raw milk is banned

  • MadaOOS

    So they banned the truth? lol

  • Amalie Stougaard

    … Tuborg isn’t romanian.. it’s danish.. and yes, it is a danish comercial as well… I should know since I’m from Denmark 😉

  • freethoughtmusic

    I suppose in North America the ‘Family-Friendly’ morons would complain.

  • BossAlin3

    actualy this is a romanian beer comercial lol its TUBORG romanian beer^^

  • Skafiskafnjak

    Shes hot.

  • thegatesoflife76

    Thumbs up if you thought the From Denmark thing was an ad and tried to x it out.

  • CCRider01

    The funniest commercials come from the countries with lower levels of political correctness.