Awesome Beer Commercials

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The most epic beer commercials ever.

  • deputy4615

    Cute girl!

  • lastmiles

    Given some of the great things she is doing lately .. yes. She is a cougar and a man eater and I stand erect and corrected.

  • KayakMike1963

    A cougar who could eat you alive and spit out your bones before you were even dead, lastmiles. Those workouts pay dividends!

  • cst498

    According to US laws, it is illegal for a beer commercial to actually show someone drinking it. Go ahead, try to find a commercial that shows them drinking beer. (if they’re drinking out of a bottle, there’s nothing in the bottle. just an illusion)

  • FutbolScientist

    me too, literally

  • Womanizer Charm

    That was a GREAT commercial on how he snubbed jennifer aniston for the “other” heiny!

  • ryuman757

    Yah. Sad that statement is true about 90% of movie/tv stars roflmao

  • lastmiles

    Jennifer Aniston twenty years ago sure. These days she needs a million bucks in makeup, special effects and epic workouts. So yeah, back then, sure. These days, she is just another cougar.

  • ryuman757

    lol jennifer aniston got powned
    though I would take her over anything in that store any day 🙂