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The entire collection of the Dos Equis “The Most Interesting Man In the World” ads. Stay thirsty my friends… -Intro -30 sec ad #1 -30 sec ad #2 -30 sec ad #3 -30 sec ad #4 -30 sec ad #5 -“Those Nuts” -“Packages” -“Careers” -“Life” -“Pick-Up Lines” -“Two-Party System” -“Rollerblading”

Maine Beer Company Dinner Double IPA follow me now on Twitter Facebook- Google + https://plus…

Taken from Their Eyes Were Watching God. Commercials include Nasonex, Kohl’s, Aflac, Olive Garden, a trailer for Robots, a promo for Primetime Live, a promo for Oprah, Lincoln and Mercury, Charter One, and Ohio Lottery. All copyrights acknowledged.

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Mr. Magoo was a spokesman for Stag Beer in the late 1950s/early ’60s. Mr. Magoo debuted in 1949 and was voiced by Jim Backus, perhaps most well-known as Thur…

Today I go in more details why Budweiser is losing its edge. Article: -TheKake.

As We Like It documents a reverent history of beer, throughout world history and in 1950’s America. Full of hilariously over the top adult beverage promotion, the film describes beer as a necessity to a healthy economy, community cooperation, and “gracious living.” The movie also exclaims that beer is “Sparkling, golden, pure, refreshing, a beverage […]

A parody on the movie “10” for a beer commercial. Written, directed and produced by Shannon Van Metre.

Canny Brit foxes German sunbed snatchers at the pool. TV ad from 1993. Dambusters theme