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Watch the official Carlton Draught “Beer Chase” TV ad (the full version). To waste even more time visit us at Total views are a combination of the old and the new track The 5 funniest beer commercials ever. Check them out.

TopComedyVideo presents Top 5 Funny Beer Commercials…

The most epic beer commercials ever.

Some awesome commercials that i found in the internet and thought that it was funny. so might as well share it with you guys. please rate thumbs up

Macho muscles never beat a fresh cold beer Country: Sweden Brand: Spendrups Year: 2000 Agency: Atmosfär Prod / Garbergs Plus de Pubs : … Tous droits réservés. Pour toute information, contacter

Yooheys beer commercial from Australia. Funny!…Aussie australia beer commercial tooheys funny. —————————– It’s all beer and bikinis at the beach in Sydney Australia. This beach cowboy is never hungry, always thirsty. Starring Zilda Williams. Music by Tito & Tarantula – After Dark —————————–

The newest 6% alcohol, heavily advertised, bland, marketing gimmick beer from A-B/InBev.

If you can’t have their keys, take their pants