1982 Lite Beer from Miller TV commercial – “The First Lite Beer Bowling Tournament”

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A 1982 TV commercial for Lite Beer from Miller featuring THE FIRST LITE BEER BOWLING TOURNAMENT featuring many familiar celebrity faces, including John Madden, Bubba Smith, and Rodney Dangerfield.


heine71 says:

All they needed was 1 pin and Rodney didn’t break the tie…

Carseller4 says:

Best commercial ever.

heine71 says:

Hey, I didn’t get my turn yet, I’m gonna break this tie…

Keith Stone says:

back when commercials were cool, and the miller light label was even cooler.

tommyt1971 says:

Damn, Rod was pretty thin back then…

SJ1970 says:

Absolute classic…

ddgallion says:

“All we need is one pin, Rodney!” RIP Ben Davidson

heine71 says:

3 Strikes and you’re out (OOPS! THAT’S BASEBALL!)

Prouddadof2010 says:

Rodney was simply the BEST! I sure miss him.

monsterfair says:

I remember this as well as I bowled in a Scratch league in the Center that the commercial was filmed in. All leagues were cancelled that week to film it. It was called Fiebles Recreation Center in Teaneck, NJ. It was 2 levels. The upper level is where they filmed and yes, those were permanent cushion stadium seats behind the lanes. 5 rows worth. A fun time for sure. Center is long gone.

Zzyyxxyyxx says:

No respect!

heine71 says:


msp1865 says:

I remember this commercial. “All we need is one pin Rodney.” Great stuff.

tangled Line says:


sammydavisjrsr says:

Yes. He was as awesome in person as on the field. Natural comic timing, and all around good guy. Having met the big names of yesteryear AND today there’s just no comparison.

heine71 says:

Are you refering to the recently R.I.P. Bubba Smith?

sammydavisjrsr says:

Black man is very strong.

bdog1323 says:

I still love the camping trip one,  “It’s the creature!!!!” LOL bdog

heine71 says:

I don’t recall the 1984 camping trip Lite Beer commerical nor the 1985 Whodunnit Lite Beer commercial.

QBCNetwork says:

I love these series of all star Miller Lite ads. There’s also…

1983; baseball
1984; camping trip
1985; Whodunnit?

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